Tigerstripe Source Model

Tigerstripe follows a Model-Driven-Design approach, where the specifics of a Service Contract are modeled with Tigerstripe artifacts. These artifacts are used as input to the Tigerstripe engine to generate the corresponding Service Contract integration profiles and documentation.

The Artifact Repository

Upon creation, a Tigerstripe project contains an Artifact Repository where all Tigerstripe artifacts are stored. This repository is the src directory, as represented in the following figure:

In the Artifact Repository, you can organize artifacts in model packages. Model packages can be stored and referenced with naming scopes. These model packages allow the following:

Note:The model packages are different from the interface package. The interface package is specific to the J2EE Integration Profile and determines the package in which the generated JAVA code is placed. If the J2EE Integration Profile is enabled, an Interface Package is defined for every artifact in a project through the OSS/J Specifics Pane in the corresponding editor.

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