Tigerstripe Project Descriptor

Each Tigerstripe Project contains a project descriptor, named tigerstripe.xml, in the top-level directory of your Tigerstripe Project. Details such as the project name, version, and project description are stored in the project descriptor file. The descriptor file also contains the details about what is generated when creating the corresponding Service Contract(s), as modeled in a Tigerstripe Project.

Note: You should not edit the Tigerstripe project descriptor. Tigerstripe Workbench offers a form-based editor for the descriptor that ensures that the descriptor remains valid. To open the editor, double-click tigerstripe.xml in your Tigerstripe Project.

Project Descriptor Content

The project descriptor is organized in several sections. Each section focuses on a specific aspect of a project and appears as a separate tab in the Tigerstripe Descriptor Editor as shown below.

Each tab allows you to edit the corresponding information:

Overview Tab

The Overview tab contains project-level information used to identify the project and customize the generated Service Contracts for the project. This tab is organized in two sections: the General Information section and Project Defaults section.

The General Information section contains basic identification information for the project:

The Project Defaults section contains default values applied within the context of the project:

None of the above fields are mandatory except for the Output Directory. If this directory is not populated, an error will display. If you leave any of the other fields empty, warning and informational level messages will display.

Generate Tab

The Generate Tab allows you to control which integration profile is generated, and the detailed configuration of all parameters attached to each individual profile. Refer to Service Contract Generation Tasks for more details on how to configure the project generation details.

Dependencies Tab

The Dependencies Tab allows you to control the required project dependencies. For more details on how to work with dependencies, refer to Tigerstripe Project Dependencies.

Source Tab

The Source Tab is a text editor used to edit the content of the tigerstripe.xml project descriptor.
Note: The use of this tab should be reserved to experienced users only and can be used if the tigerstripe.xml descriptor becomes invalid or corrupt for any reason!

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