Tigerstripe Artifacts

Tigerstripe Workbench implements a Model-Driven Design approach to designing Service Contracts. The specifics of a target Service Contract are captured within a model that is further used as input by the Tigerstripe engine in Tigerstripe Workbench to generate the corresponding Service Contract integration profile and documentation.

In order to provide a successful means to model business requirements to be implemented in a Service Contract, Tigerstripe has defined a set of artifacts that provide the appropriate granularity to capture, detail, and document these requirements in a model. Tigerstripe artifacts are built on top of UML as specific stereotypes to address Service Contract modeling.

Within a Tigerstripe model, you can implement UML concepts such as associations, inheritance, specific visibility of the components of each artifact.

Tigerstripe Meta Model

The Tigerstripe meta-model provides a model for Tigerstripe artifacts. All standard specific meta-models (e.g. the Tigerstripe OSS/J meta-model) are derived from this model.

Tigerstripe Abstract Artifacts

All Tigerstripe artifact definitions derive from the Tigerstripe abstract artifact definition. As a result a Tigerstripe artifact:

Each of these elements on an artifact can be further qualified by a textual description that is propagated in the generated code and documentation where appropriate.

When triggering the generation of the corresponding Service Contract, Tigerstripe applies the generation rules for each artifact type, field, method and constant, and produce the corresponding code.

Relationships between Tigerstripe Abstract Artifacts

The support for relationships between artifacts includes UML2-type relationships:

Refer to Service Contract Modeling Tasks for more examples on how to model relationships in a Tigerstripe model.

Note: Associations, Association Classes, and Dependencies are not used in any of the current modeling for OSS/J APIs. These artifacts are ignored by the OSS/J plug-ins.

Standard Specific Meta Models

Tigerstripe Workbench targets the OSS through Java™ initiative standard and provides the corresponding meta-model to design OSS/J-compliant Service Contracts.

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