Tigerstripe Artifacts for Service Contracts

Tigerstripe Artifacts are intended to capture common design practices for Service Contracts. By using artifacts, an architect can capture business requirements for the design of Service Contracts and separate them for implementation choices.

Tigerstripe Service Contract Meta-model

The Tigerstripe meta-model extends the core meta-model to capture the specifics of Service Contract modeling. These artifacts provide the appropriate level of granularity to model business requirements in a Service Contract and to identify how a Service Contract can support a business process (For example, in the context of an automated business process). The following Tigerstripe Artifacts have been defined:

Each of these artifacts may be used in a Tigerstripe model to generate implementation-specific Service Contracts. Refer to each section for detailed definitions.

Relationship Meta-Model

A set of artifacts used to refine the modeling of relationships between Service Contract artifacts are also available with Tigerstripe Workbench. The following Artifacts are available for modeling purpose:

For more details about References between artifacts, refer to References within Tigerstripe models.

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