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PMC Minutes June 5, 2006

Attending   Late   Regrets Missing
Ward Cunningham Wayne Beaton John Duimovich
Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Cliff Schmidt

Wayne reports on ECESIS. Talked to the lead (Dwight). Issues around IP with contributing to ECESIS such as what happens if you put your company logo on the Powerpoint slides, does that cause the logo to become EPL? Building a community has not happened. We (through Wayne) are going to suggest that Dwight hold a restart summit in Ottawa this summer and invite people interested in Eclipse training. This should include both representatives from the projects (because the projects are building training materials) and from the larger community (google for "eclipse training").

We looked into the BPEL project. We noticed that there were no code commits in May and that the commits in April were only to fix the build system and to disable features that did not work in Callisto. We noticed that the last bug activity (the last time a bug was entered, edited, fixed, or commented on) was in March. We noticed that the newsgroup has messages like "wasn't there going to be a release on May 15th" and then two weeks later there is still no reply. We are suspicious that this project has become moribund. Wayne will talk to the leads and find out the real story.

Current project mentors:

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