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ECESIS, Laszlo, Lepido, VTP

PMC Minutes April 3, 2006

Attending   Late   Regrets Missing
Bjorn Freeman-Benson John Duimovich
Wayne Beaton Cliff Schmidt
Ward Cunningham
Anne Jacko

Ward reported on the IDE for Laszlo project. He met the person at EclipseCon, but didn't get a chance to talk with him. Ward will call him this week. Bjorn will ask them about their progress to a new website, and ask what we can do to help them.

Wayne reported on Lepido, Tools for Apache Cocoon project. He said one person on the mailing list objected to archiving the project, but said it was time to do so. The members voted to archive. Wayne will contact Denis and the mailing list about archiving the project.

Ward reported on the Voice Tools Project. They are eager to have a Graduation Review. Ward has seen the slides and thinks they are ready to graduate. Ward and Anne will schedule the review for April 19th at 1500 UTC. Questions to consider before the review: Do they have the three communities? Is the developer community diverse? Bjorn said that VTP wants to move to Web Tools.

Wayne reported on the ECESIS project. New content was posted on December 5, 2005. He says they have no community, and there has been no activity with a newsgroup, mailing list, or Bugzilla for at least a year. He doesn't know how many downloads have been performed. Wayne said he would like to see a way for the tutorials to still be available if they are useful. Ward suggested seeing if Addison-Wesley might be interested in helping. Wayne and Ward will talk to Dwight and Addison-Wesley about this. Wayne will tell Dwight that the project appears inactive and is a candidate for archiving; at the minimum it needs a plan.

We will meet again on April 10th and we will be reviewing the Open Healthcare Framework (OHF) project.

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