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PMC Minutes February 27, 2006

Attending   Regrets   Missing
Bjorn Freeman-Benson Cliff Schmidt John Duimovich
Ward Cunningham Wayne Beaton

Action Items from last week:

We reviewed the Higgins project. As with all project reviews, we started by looking at the public evidence of the project: mailing lists, newsgroups, bugzilla, website, project plan, CVS repository, etc. We found an old-style website but more troubling, we found that the website content was out of date. For example, passwords have not been required for the newsgroups since last summer, yet the Higgins newsgroup page still says that they are. We found that most of the Higgins website appears off-site on an wiki; why not use the Eclipse wiki. More importantly, having the website off-site makes it more difficult for the Eclipse community to access the material (and for to archive and index the contents). Looking at the recent changes for wiki, we see a reasonable amount of activity however... We noticed that Higgins does not have project-info information and thus the project does not appear in the dashboard. Also, there are only four (total) bugs in Bugzilla: 1 fixed, 1 invalid and 2 open. The open ones have been open without comment since September and November. ...However, we notice that the wiki is being used as a pseudo-wiki for storing bugs and enchancements. Again, this makes it hard for the community to participate.

The newsgroup had two posts in December, one in January, and two small threads in February. Looking at the CVS, we see that Paul does most of the commits, but it seems to be a one-commit-a-month style rather than the continuous development that is expected of an active Eclipse project. It looks like things are going on, but we wonder if this is really an Eclipse project, i.e., a project with a home and a community at Eclipse. 

Bjorn will adopt this project and contact Paul.

Next week we will review Lepido, Tools for Apache Cocoon.

Current project mentors:

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