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Brian resigns, VTP, IDE for Laszlo

PMC Minutes February 6, 2006

Attending   Regrets   Missing
Bjorn Freeman-Benson Wayne Beaton
Cliff Schmidt Ward Cunningham
John Duimovich

We accepted the resignation of Brian Barry from the PMC. Brian was one of the founders of the Technology Project  and a key reason for its success. He believes the Project is in good hands with the newly expanded PMC and thus moves on to focus his energies elsewhere. We are disappointed to see him go, and thank him for helping to bring the Technology Project to the vibrant success that it is today.

Cliff noted that the PMC minutes are near impossible to find via the website, so Bjorn linked them from the PMC page as well.

We reviewed our review of the Voice Tools Project. We discovered that VTP is an active project (a low-level of activity, but active) and thus encouraged the team to do more of their work in public (on the mailing lists, newsgroups, bugzilla, etc). The team accepted this advice and has already begun to work more in public.

This week we reviewed the IDE for Laszlo project. As with all project reviews, we started by looking at the public evidence of the project: mailing lists, newsgroups, bugzilla, website, project plan, CVS repository, etc. We noticed that there is no discussion on the dev mailing list; the website does not list team members nor project leaders nor milestones nor a project plan; there are only two bugs in the bugzilla, neither of which has been responded to by the development team; most of the CVS files were committed three months ago and have not been touched since; there are no integration or milestone builds and the build number is not Eclipse standard. There is a little conversation on the newsgroup, but it is mostly people saying "it doesn't work" and then someone replying that specific versions X and Y of various plug-ins are needed. Our fear is that this project is a code dump - a project that was formed around an initial contribution of completed code and then abandoned by the developers. We sent the project lead (Amy Muntz) an email asking for an explanation and/or more details.

Next week we will review the Parallel Tools Project.

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