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CARNOT The origin of Stardust is the Business Process Management System (BPMS) CARNOT developed by the German startup CARNOT AG, Frankfurt founded in 2000. CARNOT was able to establish a footprint in the germans-speaking BPMS market, especially in the Financial Services space (Dresdner Bank, CSS Insurance) but also other verticals (e.g. German Railways).

SunGard In 2006, CARNOT AG was acquired by SunGard and became a central part of SunGard's Infinity technology initiative and was renamed Infinity Process Platform. In 2007 Infinity Process Platform was ranked #2 in vision in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for BPMS. SunGard's strategy for Infinity includes leveraging open source initiatives and contributing back to the open source community, as part of this strategy SunGard has decided to open source Infinity Process Platform via Eclipse.

Eclipse Infinity Process Platform has been leveraging Eclipse technology since 2004 and is seamlessly integrated with Eclipse technology and concepts. Although Eclipse has been adding comprehensive SOA and Runtime capabilities to its portfolio, a comprehensive BPMS has not been available. The Eclipse Process Manager (Stardust) project can close this gap.

The Stardust contribution is one of the largest ever made to Eclipse and combines over a decade of product development, a proven track record and the knowledge base of the global SunGard internal community. With the help of the mature and established community processes, and the market footprint of Eclipse, it may become the leading open source BPMS. SunGard is dedicated to help transitioning the project into successful community work.

Most of the original developers at CARNOT are still working on the product and are looking forward to take members of the community on board to move Stardust to the next level.

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