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Product Access

Currently, Stardust is in its incubation phase. Until it is available for download under the Eclipse Public License (EPL), SunGard, which will contribute the initial Stardust codebase, has decided to provide you with access to Infinity Process Platform, the product the initial Stardust codebase will be based upon.

Installation itself is provided via an Eclipse Update Site. In order to receive credentials to access this site as well as the public Maven Repository with runtime artifacts of Infinity Process Platform and to get a license file, which is required for running the product, you need to procure the Infinity Process Platform. This is completely free for the Evaluation version.

Procuring Infinity Process Platform

The following is a walkthrough describing the steps for procuring Infinity Process Platform Development Edition.

Visit Infinity Process Platform Development Edition to open the Solution Overview Page.

Select Download 90-days Trial License » to open the Trial Details Page.

In section Product Artifact Repository Access select Start Procurement ». The Login Page will open

Register by clicking the Register now » and enter your contact data on the the User Registration Page.

Please note that new account requests need to be validated before the procurement process is finalized. You will received an e-mail notification once your account is provisioned.

Log in with the account data provided.

On the page

choose Version 6.*. and click Proceed »

You will be requested to accept the Enrollment Agreement

and its Special Terms for the Trial

You will be asked for a final verification of the agreement you are going to confirm

and for a final review on the Procurement Review Page

and after clicking Procure » end at the Procurement Confirmation Page

You will immediately receive a Procurement Confirmation Mail with the Enrollment Agreement and the Special Terms attached as a PDF.

Later, you will receive an e-mail with your access data to the Infinity Process Platform Repository and a license file for the major release 6.* you selected. Note, that due to internal validation of new registrations, this may take up to 3 days.

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