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Join The Team

We know how difficult it is to join a large team like Stardust with such a huge codebase and find your place - and have fun.

Hence, we decided to

  • document all Extension Points you could use to easily extend the product properly and
  • list candidates for possible Extensions.
Should you intend to work on the implementation of the suggested Extensions - or other Extensions you find useful -, please feel free to contact the Stardust team under Should you decide to dive even deeper into the code and work e.g. on the Stardust Process Engine code - contact us as well. We are open to take new committers on board at any time.

Application Types and Data Types

The documentation chapter

Stardust Documentation > Developer Handbooks > Programming Guide > Tutorial - Stardust SPI Programming

describes how to create new Application Types on the Stardust Application Type Extension Point.

Application Types you may be interested in helping to provide are

  • REST Application Type

UI Mashups

Stardust allows you to mashup UIs based on arbitrary browser-technologies into interactive workflow activity execution using embedding via IFRAMEs and server-side synchronization via REST. For this approach, an adapter is required per UI technology to be mashed up.

Additional technologies you may work on mashups adopters are e.g.

  • Adobe Flex
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Adobe Flex
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Captain Casa

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