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Getting started

This page will give you a quick overview of available resources and help you getting started with SMILA.


To install SMILA just pick up the latest stable build (a release or a milestone) from the download page for your platform and simply unzip the contents in some arbitrary folder (e.g. "C:\SMILA").

You can now start SMILA by executing either SMILA.exe (Win32) or SMILA (Linux). For configuration options please consult the documentation in our wiki.

SMILA in 5 Minutes

Want to make your first steps in SMILA without reading too much of the documentation? In our 5 Minutes Tutorial we will crawl a web source, process and index the data and provide a basic search.


Full technical documentation as well as specification/concepts together with integration and development guidelines can be found in our wiki.

Source code

SMILA's source code is being maintained in Git repositories:
For using the source code in a development environment see description here.

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