Getting started

This page will give you a quick overview of available resources and help you getting started with SMILA.


To find out how to get SMILA binaries please go to our download page.


To install SMILA just pick up the latest stable build (a release or a milestone) form the download page for your platform and simply unzip the contents in some arbitrary folder (e.g. "C:\SMILA").

You can now start SMILA by executing either SMILA.exe (Win32) or SMILA (Linux). For configuration options please consult the documentation in our wiki.

SMILA in 5 Minutes

Want to make your first steps in SMILA without reading too much of the documentation? In our 5 Minutes Tutorial we will crawl a web source, process and index the data and provide a basic search.


Full technical documentation as well as specification/concepts together with integration and development guidelines can be found in our wiki.

Source code

SMILA's source code is being maintained in SVN repository located at:

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