A Flexible Framework for the Smart Home

Open Source.
For an Open Future.

Our Vision

Smart Home adoption will only gain momentum if the different devices can be connected into over-arching use cases, but currently the market for Smart Home systems and IoT gadgets is heavily fragmented. While there are a couple of companies big enough to establish their own proprietary ecosystems, we believe that Open Source is the only viable option to provide truly open platforms without vendor lock-ins.

Accept the Diversity

While there are approaches of defining common communication protocols that all devices and systems must support in order to communicate with each other, the Eclipse SmartHome™ project accepts the fact that there is a vast variety of communication mechanisms, which all have their right to exist. Eclipse SmartHome™ therefore serves as an abstraction and translation framework that makes interaction possible across system and protocol boundaries.

Made for Embedded

The framework is designed to run on embedded devices, such as a Raspberry Pi, a BeagleBone Black or an Intel Edison. It requires a Java 8 compliant JVM and an OSGi (4.2+) framework, such as Eclipse Equinox™.

Learn how you can benefit from Eclipse SmartHome

Hardware Manufacturers

Integrate your devices with Eclipse SmartHome™ and instantly make them available to multiple Smart Home solutions. There is no need to do changes to the firmware of your products, if they already provide an API.

Solution Vendors

Join the industry collaboration and build a powerful Smart Home solution that is able to integrate many 3rd party products and standards easily and benefit from an existing and constantly growing developer community.

Software Developers

Extensions developed for Eclipse SmartHome are compatible with Smart Home solutions from different vendors. Code written for your own purposes can be easily made available on commercial platforms.

Flexible. Customizable to Your Needs.

Eclipse SmartHome™ is a framework, not a ready-to-use solution. It offers a large set of features to choose from and leaves enough possibilities to design a Smart Home solution specific to your expectations. Its modular design brings millions of combinations and proves to be easily extensible by custom parts.


These companies offer products, solutions or platforms that use Eclipse SmartHome™:

Join the Community!

Eclipse SmartHome™ is an open-source project that is driven by its community. Involve yourself now by joining discussions, by reporting issues or security vulnerabilities and by contributing code!

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