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Eclipse Sirius dramatically reduces the time for creating domain-specific modeling workbenches.

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Why Sirius?

Reduce the Tooling Learning Curve

By using a modeling tool which natively supports their own vocabulary, users don't have to learn concepts which are external to their business domain. They just have to learn the views provided by the tool and how to navigate between them. With Sirius, they can rapidly master a new tool and start industrializing their modeling activities.

Decrease the Cost of your Tools

Don't pay for overkill tools providing unnecessary functionalities! Sirius is fully Open Source, but most of all, as it is completely customizable, a modeling workbench created with Sirius is natively based on your own business domain and provides the representations and features which really correspond to your different user's needs.

Complexity Management

Managing complexity requires breaking down a problem into simpler parts. With its multi-viewpoints approach, Sirius allows the user to easily manipulate sub-parts of a model in order to focus on what really matters. In addition, Sirius provides conditional styles, layers and filters to automatically simplify the graphical representations and highlight the elements of interest.

Sirius Rocks


Diagrams, tables and trees


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