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What you like in Sirius Desktop, in a modern cloud-based stack.


  • Online Documentation - Learn how to use Sirius, thanks to online complete user guides and reference manuals
  • Sirius Wiki - Discover more details on our documentation wiki page

Community Support

  • Sirius Forum - Remember to prefix the subject of your Sirius-related posts with "[Sirius]"
  • Sirius Bugzilla - Review and create Bugzilla entries
  • File a bug - File bugs and feature requests

Professional Services

The Sirius team can be contacted through the official Eclipse EMF forum and newsgroup. Kee in mind this form of support may not meet daily needs of an enterprise adopter as far as response delays are involved. Most of the developers of Sirius are from Obeo, and are then the best source to provide competent and professional support:

  • Training - Develop your skills on Sirius and related technologies (EMF, Acceleo, Xtext)
  • Consulting & Coaching - Work in your own context, with your team directly with Obeo experts
  • Custom Development - Custom Sirius for your needs and boost your projects
  • Support & Maintenance - Safeguard your deployment

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