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Watch this video to discover how to simply create a graphical modeling tool with Sirius.

With this video, you will see how to:


Follow a step-by-step scenario to create your first modeling tool with Sirius

Starter Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to create your first modeling workbench.

The instructions are based on a simple Domain Model which describes basic concepts about families.

The modeling workbench created with this tutorial will allow users to visualize the members of a family and their parental relationships on a graphical diagram. It will also provide tools to edit the model from the diagram.

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Advanced Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to use advanced features of Sirius.

The instructions will guide you extending the result of the Sirius Starter Tutorial with:

  • Edition tools: edge creation, edge reconnection, element deletion, label edition
  • Graphical improvements: SVG images, styles customization
  • Complexity management: layers, filters, validation rules, quick fixes
  • Other kinds of representations: containers, bordered nodes, tables, navigation between representations
  • Extensions: Java services

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Sirius 3.0 has been released!

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