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Ling Hao Oracle
Konstantin Komissarchik Oracle
Shenxue Zhou Oracle

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Greg Amerson (liferay.com)
342656 1060 bytes read.only rendering hint is not parsed as Boolean
Patch attempt #1
342771 31988 bytes Support "image+label" hint for when actions are presented in a toolbar
Patch update #3
342777 2283 bytes ImageProvider needs to support a listener mechanism
Fix for regression in SapphireActionSystemPart
343972 10236 bytes Support image in editor page header
Patch #3
345198 2103 bytes Add ability to specify image in sdef editor for connection elements in diagram element page
Patch #2
346172 16076 bytes Support zoom, print and save as image actions in the diagram editor
Patch Phase 2 v1
355566 1456 bytes Sapphire Diagram editor should support header similar to form editor
Patch v1
358295 23020 bytes Need access to selection in the list property editor
Patch v6
363258 1301 bytes Allow dynamic model types for SapphireEditorForXml
Patch v2
363551 38760 bytes JavaTypeConstraintService
Patch v3
363765 10030 bytes Page Book control property should handle model paths
Patch v2
364098 2169 bytes Slush bucket property editor issue with case-insensitive possible values
Patch v2
371576 3513 bytes Support non-local files in SapphireDiagramEditor (IStorageEditorInput)
Patch #1
371697 1379 bytes ClassCastException in XmlEditorResourceStore for non-local files
372359 11531 bytes Provide means to extend the behavior of adapt methods
Patch v3
372816 5180 bytes Provide adapt mechanism for SapphirePart
Patch v1
373614 2848 bytes Support AdapterService in SapphirePart
Patch v1
374022 9475 bytes SapphireDiagramEditor does not initialize page part with SapphireEditor parent
Patch v3
374622 11775 bytes Add ability to specify action tooltips
Patch v2
374847 1629 bytes Actions and Handlers node missing in SDEF editor for Diagram Page node
Patch v1
376200 8489 bytes Support floating palette around diagram node
Patch v1
377136 1231 bytes Add Sapphire.Diagram.Node to possible context for Sapphire.Add
Patch v1
377329 1608 bytes SapphireListControlledPageBook fails to render with model path for control property
Patch v1
377381 4307 bytes Cannot share diagram layout between projects using ProjectDiagramLayoutPersistenceService
Patch v1
377388 6788 bytes IDiagram{Guides/Grids}Def visible property does not affect StandardDiagramLayout persistence
Patch v1
377989 1624 bytes ActuatorPart background color does not match parent
Patch v1
Jean Yao (Oracle.COM)
328520 1106 bytes Project Logo and Related Graphics
Final Sapphire icon 8 pixels
Kamesh Sampath (hotmail.com)
354199 47720 bytes Support content proposals in text field property editor
Patch v6
354276 29545 bytes Support initial values for properties
Patch v8
354292 1884 bytes Actions, Handlers and Filters not shown @ Node Level
Patch v2
355457 30821 bytes Improve DTD doctype specification in XML binding
Patch (Part 2) v1
355751 4457 bytes General improvement of XML root binding API
Enhancement Documentation
Marcelo Paternostro (oracle.com)
355718 2694 bytes Add support for date serialization
Suggestion for the implementation of a date serialization service
Rob Cernich (redhat.com)
360362 38986 bytes Allow creation of custom form editor pages
Patch v2
360369 1004 bytes Parameters not passed through to service
360371 1790 bytes Allow subclasses to override default element naming in XML list binding
Proposed Implementation
Roded Bahat (gmail.com)
374821 4457 bytes Support group with no label
Patch v3
376198 2470 bytes Vertically align actions for @LongString property editors
Patch v1
Shenxue Zhou (oracle.com)
330482 261305 bytes [diagram] Support diagram editing in Sapphire UI
Diagram Node switches image based on expression
330870 2045 bytes SapphireEditor should not assume the first page is the sapphire form page
make no assumption about the first page being the form page
334336 1081 bytes [diagram] Image with ID 'bookImage' is already registered
Patch v1
334337 94786 bytes [diagram] clean separation necessary between parts and rendering
Separate Diagram parts from Graphiti Rendering engine
334338 37178 bytes [diagram] merge library sample usecases into map sample
Replaces the first attachment and it removes the library sample
334340 2749 bytes [diagram] eliminate SapphireDiagramDefFactory class
Remove SapphireDiagramDefFactory class
334341 9300 bytes [diagram] develop better default look for diagram nodes
Address the default node look
334440 1174 bytes ImpliedElementProperty causes NPE if it doesn't have a XmlBinding
Patch to fix the NPE
335642 22773 bytes [diagram] improve color and line style api
Patch V2


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