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The Google Summer of Code Project

An Eclipse Technology Project Proposal
June 2006


The Google Summer of Code is an opportunity to for students to engage in summer projects and receive funding (USD$4500) for their work from Google. The programme is structured around a student/mentor arrangement in which a student receives help from a designated mentor for the duration of the project. Projects are undertaken during the summer months, from June until the end of August.


Registration for the programme started in May. Approximately 75 students submitted project proposals derived from a number of sources. Several prominent members of the Eclipse community agreed to become mentors. As mentors, their first task was to participate in the selection process in which the initial 75 projects were ranked according to interest, need, and ability of the student to actually complete the project. Most of the 75 proposals were for interesting, serious, and well thought out Eclipse-related projects. At the end the process, each of the mentors signed up to participate in one or more of the projects. Finally, Google's process determined that the eleven (11) highest-ranked projects would be funded for Eclipse.


This project is itself a container for other projects. These other projects are described below. Each of these projects has been proposed by a student participating in the Google Summer of Code programme and is supported by one or more mentors (as indicated below). The initial development effort will be complete at the end of August 2006. At this time, the progress made in completing these projects will be reviewed and an appropriate course of action will be determined. It may be determined, for example, that the code should be moved into another Eclipse project. Alternatively, we may decide that a project be permitted to continue with input from other members of the community, or that the project be shutdown.


The following projects are being undertake:

  • Eclipse RCP Installer/Packages Generator
    • Student: Jacobo Garc�a
    • Mentor(s): Francois Granade
  • A Distributed Object Application Debugger for the Eclipse Platform
    • Student: Giuliano Mega
    • Mentor(s): Fabio Kon
  • Basic Eclipse Mono Development Environment and Contributions Towards an Eclipse IDE Generator
    • Student: Rebecca Chernoff
    • Mentor(s): Doug Schaefer

Core Platform

Application Platform

Existing standards and projects leveraged

This varies from SOC project to project. All projects leverage the Eclipse Platform. Some leverage other Eclipse projects, including Mylar, Eclipse Communication Framework, and CDT.


The Summer of Code project is itself a mid-level project. Each of its subprojects will have it's own directory structure.

Interested parties

This project will be managed by Wayne Beaton and Phillippe Ombredanne. All participating students and mentors will be initial committers.


April 14, 2006:
- Application period open for mentoring organizations; administrators may begin submitting applications for their orgs
- Organization administrators should begin taking mentor signups once the org has been accepted by Google
- Summer-Administrators Google Group opens for discussion between org administrators, mentors, and Google program administrators
- Summer-Discuss Google Group opens for discussions between organization administrators, mentors, potential student applicants and Google program administrators

April 24, 2006:
- All mentoring organizations must have submitted their interest to Google due by 08:00 Pacific Daylight Time

May 1, 2006:
- Application period opens for student proposals at 13:00 Pacific Daylight Time

May 9, 2006:
-Student proposals due by 11:00 Pacific Daylight Time

Interim Period:
- Mentoring organizations review and rank student proposals; where necessary, mentoring organizations may request further proposal detail from the student applicant
- Summer-Discuss Google Group opens for discussions between organizations administrators, mentors student applicants and Google program administrators

May 22, 2006:
- All mentors must be signed up with their organization by 08:00 Pacific Daylight Time
- All student proposals must be ranked and assigned to a mentor by 08:00 Pacific Daylight Time

May 23, 2006:
- Google publishes list of accepted student proposals on
- Students commence work on their projects under the guidance of their mentors
- Summer-Accepted Google Group opens for discussions between accepted students and Google program administrators

Interim Period:
- Google begins issuing initial student payments
- Mentors give students a helping hand and guidance on their projects

June 26, 2006:
Google solicits mid-program mentor evaluations of student progress

June 30, 2006:
- All mid-program evaluations of student progress due by 17:00 Pacific Daylight Time
- Google begins issuing mid-term student payments

OSCON, July 24-28, 2006:
Google gives community update at OSCON 2006

August 21, 2006:
- All student projects due by 08:00 Pacific Daylight Time
- Final mentor evaluations of student progress commence
- Student evaluations of mentors commence

September 5, 2006:
- All mentor and student evaluations due by 08:00 Pacific Daylight Time
- Google begins issuing final student payments
- Google program administrators begin review of students' evaluations of their mentors

September 25, 2006:
Google begins issuing payments to mentoring organizations

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