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3P - PolarSys Packaging Project

3P - PolarSys Packaging Project

The PolarSys Packaging Project, or 3P for short, is a proposed open source project under the PolarSys Top-Level Project.

This proposal is in the Project Proposal Phase (as defined in the Eclipse Development Process) and is written to declare its intent and scope. We solicit additional participation and input from the PolarSys and Eclipse communities. Please send all feedback to the Eclipse Proposals Forum.


PolarSys is an Industry Working Group aiming to fulfill the embedded / critical system industries' requirements on tools and components. While its industrial users are interested in individual technological components as building blocks, the main value for them is in integrated packages gathering complete stacks of functions for given activities (e.g. System Modeling, Requirement Management, etc.).


3P provides packages, platforms, and installers for functional stacks identified as required by the Polarsys Architecture Committee. Those stacks will be based on components originating from Eclipse and PolarSys projects.


The objectives of 3P are to:

  • Provide Polarsys-specific packages which address requirements of embedded / critical software and system development. The initial bundle is a Model Driven configuration of Eclipse covering most development stages (specification, design, implementation). More packages will come later.
  • Provide installers that improves the install experience.
  • Provide platforms that keep packages building simple. These building platforms cover Eclipse packages - as far as possible using CBI or EPP - but also packages based on other technologies like C/C++, CAML, etc.
  • Provide build platforms compatible with Very Long Term Support.
  • As for PolarSys domains identified in the Top-Level project, 3P belongs to Build Continuous Integration of the Polarsys Service Framework.

    Why PolarSys?

    This project is a basement of PolarSys infrastructure. As such, it needs to be hosted by the IWG.

    Initial Contribution


    Legal Issues

    Each package, installer and build platform provided by 3P has its own licensing policy, complying with the PolarSys rules.


    The following individuals are proposed as initial committers to the project:

    Pierre Gaufillet, Airbus
    Pierre is experienced in building Eclipse packages within Airbus for years. He is also involved in TOPCASED since 2005. He participates in defining and maintaining 3P building platforms and PolarSys packages. Pierre is a member of PolarSys Architecture Committee, and is proposed as Project lead.
    Matthieu Helleboid, Thales
    Matthieu is a committer on the EGF project. He participates in defining and maintaining 3P building platforms and PolarSys packages.
    Benoit Langlois, Thales
    Benoit is a committer on the EGF project where he has made significant contributions. He participates in defining and maintaining 3P building platforms and PolarSys packages. Benoit is a member of PolarSys Architecture Committee.
    Mélanie Bats, Obeo
    Mélanie will contribute to the smooth integration of Obeo projects in the Polarsys bundles,

    We welcome additional committers and contributions.


    The following Architecture Council members mentor this project:

    • Cédric Brun, Obeo
    • Benjamin Cabé, Sierra Wireless

    Interested Parties

    The following individuals, organisations, companies and projects have expressed interest in this project:

    • Pierre Gaufillet, Airbus
    • Alain Rossignol, Astrium
    • Dominique Toupin, Ericsson
    • Benoit Langlois, Thales
    • Raphaël Faudou, ATOS
    • Obeo

    Project Scheduling

    • End of 2012: basic building platform based on Eclipse CBI for PolarSys IDE 0.1, based on Juno SR1
    • April 2013: releasing PolarSys IDE milestone 1.0M1
    • July 2013: releasing PolarSys IDE milesonte 1.0M2
    • Oct 2013: PolarSys IDE 1.0, aligned on Kepler, platforms: Windows (64 bits), Linux (64 bits), MAC, Solaris
    Forthcoming releases of PolarSys IDE will be aligned on the planning of the Eclipse release train.

    Changes to this Document

    Date Change
    18-January-2013 Added Obeo as an interested party, and Mélanie Bats as a committer.
    16-November-2012 Document created

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