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Pollinate Project Proposal


Pollinate's goal is to build an eclipse-based IDE and toolset that leverages the open source Apache Beehive application framework.

Pollinate provides a full-featured Java development environment that enables developers to visually build and assemble enterprise-scale web applications, JSPs, web services, and leverage the Java controls framework for creating and consuming J2EE components; optimized for a service-oriented architecture. This will be accomplished by creating a broad set of eclipse plugins and user interface components for building projects on top of the Apache Beehive framework. Beehive is an Apache open-source project that uses the innovations in JDK 1.5 to help simplify programming on J2EE and other Web Application containers.

Note. Pollinate is in proposal phase. Some of the initial design documentation and proposed API specfications can be found here ( When this project passes the Creation Phase, the development team home page with be here (/pollinate/). There is a newsgroup created for the discussion of the project. Please visit the newsgroup and get involved.


The project expects to have commiters from Instantiations (project lead), Genuitec, Soaring Eagle LLC and others. We are looking for others to participate in all aspects of this project.

The initial set of committers would be.

Dan Rubel (project lead)

Carl McConnell

Maher Masri

Scott D. Ryan
Soaring Eagle LLC.

Lee Faus
Fruition Software Inc.


The project has been formally proposed and is in the Creation Review stage. It will be placed in the Technology PMC as an incubator project to develop these tools.


Pollinate plugins will be built in Java and should be portable to any platform supported by Eclipse.

Development plan

The plan for the Pollinate project is stll being developed. There is a newsgroup created for the discussion of the project. Visit us there to discuss technical issues, commit resources, and help us start this project.

We plan to follow a milestone based delivery schedule with incremental progress visible in each milestone. Here is a rough outline of the timeline we expect to follow for milestones.

M1 - Q3 2004
Deliver prototype with basic editors and builders necessary to produce a
simple Beehive based web-app

M2 - Q4 2004
Deliver a version with enough functionality for the community to produce a
full scale Beehive based web-app

M3 - Q1 2005
Deliver a version of Pollinate that is as close to version 1.0 feature
complete as possible

M4 / RC1 / GA - Q2 2005
Deliver a version that is feature complete (M4) followed closely by release
candidates (RC1, RC2, ...) as necessary to fix last minute bugs and add
polish needed reach 1.0 release (GA)





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