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Eclipse Project Status

RTRT 6311------
RTEquinox 1572003‑11‑252016‑06‑2314,553
RTEclipse Bundle Recipes332013‑04‑292016‑05‑28104
RTEclipse Communication Framework 332004‑12‑032016‑06‑2111,493
RTEclipseLink Project 1032007‑08‑142016‑06‑1714,460
RTRemote Application Platform 522006‑11‑092016‑06‑2110,657
RTVirgo 222010‑04‑202016‑05‑318,991
RTGemini - Enterprise Modules Project 11------
RTGemini Blueprint 112010‑04‑202016‑04‑28199
RTJetty - Servlet Engine and Http Server 312009‑03‑162016‑06‑2311,178
RTRemote Application Platform Incubator112009‑11‑072016‑05‑291,312
RTRiena Project 212008‑01‑162016‑06‑087,372
RTSMILA 112008‑07‑282016‑05‑315,776
RTGemini JPA 002010‑04‑092013‑07‑05271
RTIncubator 002006‑05‑042012‑11‑17805
RTGemini DBAccess 002010‑05‑272013‑02‑06105
RTGemini Management 002010‑06‑072015‑03‑15111
RTGemini Web 002010‑05‑212015‑06‑30423
RTGemini Naming 002010‑06‑242015‑02‑1958
RTEclipse Gyrex Project 002008‑11‑072015‑11‑123,424
  • No project activity (project may be new)
  • Activity in the last three months
  • Activity in the last six months
  • No activity for more than six months
  • No activity for more than twelve months

Note that subprojects are included in the determination of liveliness. A project is as lively as the most lively of its subprojects.

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