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Eclipse Project Status

Eclipse Projecte4 Project222007‑02‑232016‑05‑207,353
Eclipse ProjectEclipse Project 6913------
Eclipse ProjectJDT - Java development tools 2052002‑05‑092016‑05‑05476
Eclipse ProjectJDT/Core 1142001‑06‑052016‑06‑2326,655
Eclipse ProjectJava development tools debug 652001‑05‑182016‑06‑229,721
Eclipse ProjectJDT UI 1252001‑05‑022016‑06‑0928,089
Eclipse ProjectPDE - Plugin Development Environment 1462001‑05‑222016‑06‑2315,745
Eclipse ProjectEclipse Platform 55122001‑05‑022016‑06‑1040,551
Eclipse ProjectPlatform Debug 642001‑05‑182016‑06‑1011,359
Eclipse ProjectRelEng 732002‑05‑092016‑06‑248,758
Eclipse ProjectResources 642001‑05‑022016‑05‑1814,009
Eclipse ProjectSWT 1472001‑05‑112016‑06‑2131,940
Eclipse ProjectUI 35122001‑05‑022016‑06‑2346,446
  • No project activity (project may be new)
  • Activity in the last three months
  • Activity in the last six months
  • No activity for more than six months
  • No activity for more than twelve months

Note that subprojects are included in the determination of liveliness. A project is as lively as the most lively of its subprojects.

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