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March 21, 2018

Eclipse RDF4J2.3 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse RedDeer2.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse CROSSMETERRename Eclipse CROSSMETER to Eclipse SCAVAComplete
Eclipse PHP Development Tools5.3 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse AspectJ1.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Gendoc0.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Project4.7.3a ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Nebula - Supplemental Widgets for SWT2.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Unide0.2.0 ReleaseComplete

March 7, 2018

Eclipse SoteriaCreationComplete
Eclipse Project for Enterprise SecurityCreationComplete
Eclipse Trace Compass3.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Project for JavaMailCreationComplete
Eclipse Project for Concurrency UtilitiesCreationComplete
Eclipse MitaCreationComplete
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.16.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Project for JTACreationComplete
Eclipse Project for Expression LanguageCreationComplete
Eclipse Project for Common AnnotationsCreationComplete
Eclipse Gyrex ProjectTerminationComplete
Eclipse Project for JSON-BCreationComplete
Eclipse Project for JSTLCreationComplete

February 21, 2018

Eclipse Corrosion: the Eclipse IDE for RustCreationComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse4.11.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Lyo2.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse LSPHubCreationComplete
LocationTech RasterFramesCreationComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git4.11.0 ReleaseComplete

February 7, 2018

Eclipse Che6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Data Tools PlatformCollapse Data Tools and Move to the Eclipse Tools Top Level ProjectComplete
PolarSys LibIMS:library for Modular Integrated SimulationCreationComplete
Eclipse Tycho1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse ThingwebCreationComplete
Eclipse Hono0.5 ReleaseComplete

January 17, 2018

Eclipse JNoSQL0.0.4 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Edapt1.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Dirigible3.1 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse APP4MC0.8.3 ReleaseComplete

January 3, 2018

Eclipse MicroProfileMicroProfile 1.3 ReleaseComplete
LocationTech Raster Processing EngineTerminationComplete

December 20, 2017

Eclipse GlassFish ToolsCreationComplete
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT)9.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse PHP Development Tools5.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Cyclone DDSCreationComplete
Eclipse Remote Application Platform3.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Titan6.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse OpenJ90.8 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse4.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse CROSSMETERCreationComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git4.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Linux Tools6.2.0 ReleaseComplete
LocationTech Spatial4j0.7 ReleaseComplete
Capella1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Kitalpha1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Unide0.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Triquetrum0.2.1 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Collections9.1.0 ReleaseComplete

December 18, 2017

Eclipse Project for JMSCreationComplete
Eclipse GrizzlyCreationComplete
Eclipse OpenMQCreationComplete
Eclipse Project for WebSocketCreationComplete
Eclipse Project for JSON ProcessingCreationComplete
Eclipse Project for JAX-RSCreationComplete
Eclipse MojarraCreationComplete
Eclipse TyrusCreationComplete
Eclipse JerseyCreationComplete

December 6, 2017

Eclipse SmartHome0.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse CogniCryptCreationComplete
Eclipse Buildship: Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle2.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse YassonMove Eclipse Yasson and EclipseLink to EE4JComplete
Eclipse Trace Compass3.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Bridge.IoTCreationComplete
Eclipse Handly0.8 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.15.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Code Recommenders2.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse KuksaCreationComplete
Eclipse e(fx)clipse3.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse VIATRA1.7.0 ReleaseComplete

November 14, 2017

Eclipse Dirigible3.0 ReleaseComplete

November 1, 2017

Eclipse XWT1.3.1 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Diff/Merge0.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Nebula - Supplemental Widgets for SWT1.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse StardustTerminationComplete

October 25, 2017

Eclipse Enterprise for JavaTop Level Project CreationComplete

October 18, 2017

Eclipse KrikkitTerminationComplete
Eclipse LSP4E0.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Deeplearning4jCreationComplete
Eclipse TeXlipse2.0.0 ReleaseComplete

October 4, 2017

Eclipse Xtext2.13 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse4.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Orion16.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse APP4MC0.8.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse OM2M1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Layout Kernel0.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse PHP Development Tools5.1 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Sirius5.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git4.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Advanced Visualization Project0.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Kura3.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse January2.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Project4.7.1a ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Triquetrum0.2.0 ReleaseComplete

September 27, 2017

Eclipse Kapua0.3.0 ReleaseComplete

September 20, 2017

Eclipse LSP4J0.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse PapyrusMove Papyrus-specific plug-ins From EMF Compare to the Papyrus projectComplete
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.14.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse LSP4E0.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse DuttileCreationComplete
Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment (EASE)0.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Vert.x3.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Remote Application Platform3.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Trace Compass3.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Collections9.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse BaSyxCreationComplete

September 6, 2017

Eclipse MicroProfileHealth Check 1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MicroProfileMicroProfile 1.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse RedDeer2.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MicroProfileJWT Propagation 1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MicroProfileFault Tolerance 1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MicroProfileHealth Metrics 1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MicroProfileConfig 1.1 ReleaseComplete

August 16, 2017

Eclipse XpectCreationComplete
Eclipse OpenJ9CreationComplete
Eclipse XsemanticsCreationComplete
Eclipse Dirigible2.8 ReleaseComplete

August 2, 2017

Eclipse aCute - C# and .NET Core development tools in Eclipse IDECreationComplete
Eclipse Lyo2.2.0 ReleaseComplete

July 19, 2017

Eclipse APP4MC0.8.1 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Linux Tools6.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Picasso: A free open-source visualizer for Convolutional Neural NetworksCreationComplete
Eclipse CeylonCreationComplete

July 7, 2017

Eclipse eBPMTerminationComplete

July 5, 2017

Eclipse Papyrus for Real Time (Papyrus-RT)1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse XACCCreationComplete
Eclipse MicroProfile1.1 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse ProjectSubproject RestructuringComplete
Eclipse MicroProfileConfig 1.0 ReleaseComplete

June 21, 2017

Eclipse Mylyn3.23 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Collections8.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit5.8 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Sphinx0.11.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project3.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Object Teams2.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JWT1.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Orion15.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Target Communication Framework1.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Packaging Project4.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)4.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse SUMOCreationComplete
Eclipse Marketplace Client1.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse PHP Development Tools5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Golo3.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse LSP4E0.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Remote Application Platform3.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Buildship: Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle2.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF2.13.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse PMF0.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Kapua0.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Titan6.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MDT XSD (XML Schema Definition)2.13.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Nebula - Supplemental Widgets for SWT1.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler Project1.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse User Storage Service SDK1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Accessibility Tools Framework1.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MDM@WEBTerminateComplete
Eclipse Target Management4.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN2)1.4.0 ReleaseComplete

June 7, 2017

Eclipse Generation Factories (EGF)1.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse4.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Graphiti0.14.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Parsley1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse QVTd (QVT Declarative)0.14.0 Oxygen ReleaseComplete
Eclipse IoT-TestwareCreationComplete
Eclipse Linux Tools6.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Papyrus3.0 (Oxygen) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Scout7.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse ATL3.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry1.1.0 (Oxygen) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse CDO Model Repository4.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git4.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MoDisco1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Amalgamation1.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Dirigible2.7 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Services1.11.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Ecore Tools3.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MDT UML25.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse VIATRA1.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EclEmma3.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Paho1.3.0 (Oxygen) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse OCL (Object Constraint Language)6.3.0 Oxygen ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Memory Analyzer1.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMFStore1.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)5.0.0 (Oxygen) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Equinox4.7.0 (Oxygen) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse e(fx)clipse3.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT)9.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF)2.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse QVT Operational3.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Oomph1.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Trace Compass3.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Subversive SVN Team Provider4.0.5 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Project4.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Diff/Merge0.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse RCP Testing Tool2.2 (Oxygen) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.13.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Jubula Functional Testing Tool5.0 (Oxygen) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGerrit1.4.0 (Oxygen) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Handly0.7 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse GMF Runtime1.11.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Facet1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse SWTBot2.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Sirius5.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse eLogbook@openKCreationComplete
Eclipse XWT1.3.0 ReleaseComplete

May 17, 2017

Eclipse LSP4J0.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Xtext2.12.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse e(fx)clipse2.6.0 ReleaseComplete

May 3, 2017

Eclipse GEMOC StudioCreationComplete
Gemini Blueprint2.1.0 ReleaseComplete

April 19, 2017

Eclipse APP4MC0.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Kura3.0.0 ReleaseComplete

April 5, 2017

Eclipse Mylyn3.22 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse RedDeerCreationComplete
Eclipse TEA (Tasking Engine Advanced)CreationComplete
Eclipse SystemFOCUSCreationComplete
Eclipse Oomph1.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse DittoCreationComplete
Eclipse N4JSCreationComplete
Eclipse KetiCreationComplete
Eclipse sensiNactCreationComplete

March 29, 2017

Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git4.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse4.7.0 ReleaseComplete

March 15, 2017

Eclipse Collections8.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Orion14.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Lyo2.1.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse PHP Development Tools4.3 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.12.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Nebula NatTable1.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Papyrus for Real Time (Papyrus-RT)0.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Nebula - Supplemental Widgets for SWT1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGerrit1.3.0 (Neon.3) ReleaseComplete

March 1, 2017

Eclipse Linux Tools5.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Trace Compass2.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Titan6.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Mylyn Docs3.0 ReleaseComplete

February 15, 2017

Eclipse Vert.x3.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Virgo3.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Gemini Blueprint2.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Gemini Web3.0.0 ReleaseComplete

February 1, 2017

Eclipse Vorto0.9 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse LSP4J0.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Xtext2.11.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse RDF4J2.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Target Management4.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Layout Kernel0.2.0 ReleaseComplete

January 18, 2017

Eclipse Modeling ProjectCreate EMF Services from EMF Query, Transaction, and ValidationComplete
Eclipse NeoSCADA0.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Buildship: Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle2.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF)1.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse APP4MC0.7.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Tycho1.0.0 ReleaseComplete

January 4, 2017

Eclipse JNoSQLCreationComplete
PolarSys Time4SysCreationComplete

January 3, 2017

Eclipse Orion17.0 ReleaseComplete

December 21, 2016

PolarSys NG661 DesignerCreationComplete
Eclipse Linux Tools5.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Orion13.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment (EASE)0.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse VIATRA1.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit5.7 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse4.6 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Project4.6.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse TeXlipseCreationComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git4.6 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Stardust4.1.0 (Neon.2) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Parsley1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Milo0.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse TM4E - TextMate support in the Eclipse IDE CreationComplete
Eclipse EGerrit1.2.0 (Neon.2) ReleaseComplete

December 14, 2016

Eclipse MicroProfileCreationComplete

December 7, 2016

Eclipse Trace Compass2.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Che5.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Handly0.6 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse ScanningMoveComplete
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.11.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF)1.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT)9.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Oomph1.6.0 ReleaseComplete

November 16, 2016

Eclipse Acceleo3.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse LSP4ECreationComplete
Eclipse Kura2.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Dirigible2.6 ReleaseComplete

November 2, 2016

Eclipse Ecore Tools3.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse e(fx)clipse2.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse WindowBuilder1.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse YassonCreationComplete
Eclipse AgailCreationComplete
Eclipse Papyrus for Real Time (Papyrus-RT)0.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Diff/Merge0.7.0 ReleaseComplete

October 19, 2016

Eclipse eTrice1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse ScienceEclipse Science Project RestructuringComplete
Eclipse Advanced Visualization Project0.1 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse RDF4J2.1 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse HigginsTerminationComplete

October 5, 2016

Eclipse EMF Compare3.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Triquetrum0.1.0 ReleaseComplete
The Eclipse Integrated Computational Environment2.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Gendoc0.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Nebula - Supplemental Widgets for SWT1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Epsilon1.4 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Sirius4.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Science Top Level Project CreationComplete
Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF)1.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Mylyn3.21 ReleaseComplete

September 21, 2016

Eclipse ScanningCreationComplete
Eclipse SW360CreationComplete
Eclipse Trace Compass2.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGerrit1.1.0 (Neon.1) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)4.1.0 (Neon.1) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit5.6 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse ChemClipse0.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JDT Language ServerCreationComplete
Eclipse PHP Development Tools4.1 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse User Storage Service SDKCreationComplete
Eclipse VIATRA1.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Linux Tools5.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git4.5 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse TiakiTerminationComplete
Eclipse SWTBot2.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse ioFogCreationComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse4.5 ReleaseComplete

September 14, 2016

Eclipse UnideCreationComplete

September 7, 2016

Eclipse Collections8.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Package Drone0.14.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Che4.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse sim@openPASSCreationComplete
Eclipse Sapphire8.3 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Sapphire9.1 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Oomph1.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse LSP4JCreationComplete
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT)9.1.0 ReleaseComplete

August 17, 2016

Eclipse Ignite|IoTCreationComplete
Eclipse RDF4J1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse RDF4J2.0 ReleaseComplete

August 3, 2016

Eclipse Che4.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Che4.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Dirigible2.5 ReleaseComplete

July 27, 2016

Eclipse CapraCreationComplete
Eclipse EclEmmaCreationComplete

July 20, 2016

Eclipse OCL (Object Constraint Language)6.2.0 Neon++ ReleaseComplete

July 6, 2016

Eclipse StatET: Tooling for the R languageCreationComplete
Eclipse VIATRA1.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse KapuaCreationComplete
Eclipse Layout Kernel0.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Che4.4.0 ReleaseComplete

June 22, 2016

Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)4.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler Project1.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Papyrus2.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Andmore0.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse XWT1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project3.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Che4.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Subversive SVN Team Provider4.0 ReleaseComplete

June 15, 2016

Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP)9.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Lua Development Tools1.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Target Communication Framework1.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Object Teams2.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit5.5 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Thym2.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Vert.x3.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Data Tools Platform1.13.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF)1.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Packaging Project4.6.0 ReleaseComplete
EGL Development ToolsTerminationComplete
Eclipse Maven Integration for Web Tools Platform1.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Sphinx0.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Remote Application Platform3.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Paho1.2.0 (Neon) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Target Management4.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse SmartHome0.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Equinox4.6.0 (Neon) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Orion12.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse OM2M1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Facet1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Generation Factories (EGF)1.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Stardust4.0.0 (Neon) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse QVT Operational3.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Mylyn3.20 ReleaseComplete
SCA ToolsTerminationComplete
Eclipse Maven Integration1.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Project4.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Memory Analyzer1.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGerrit1.0.0 (Neon) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Titan5.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Jubula Functional Testing Tool4.0 (Neon) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse OCL (Object Constraint Language)6.1.0 Neon ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Marketplace Client1.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse RCP Testing Tool2.1 (Neon) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse QVTd (QVT Declarative)0.13.0 Neon ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Trace Compass2.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Accessibility Tools Framework1.4.0 ReleaseComplete

June 1, 2016

Eclipse Package Drone0.13.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Xpand2.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Query1.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Code Recommenders2.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Scout6.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Diff/Merge0.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse ATL3.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Linux Tools5.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MDT UML25.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Ecore Tools3.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse PHP Development Tools4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT)9.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Transaction1.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git4.4 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MoDisco1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Validation1.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Graphiti0.13.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)4.0.0 (Neon) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry1.0 (Neon) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Edapt1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse GMF Notation1.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Papyrus for xtUMLCreationComplete
Eclipse CDO Model Repository4.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JWT1.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Oomph1.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse GMF Runtime1.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Amalgamation1.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF2.12.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse4.4 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Nebula - Supplemental Widgets for SWT1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Parsley1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MDT XSD (XML Schema Definition)2.12.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Handly0.5 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Sirius4.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMFStore1.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Compare3.2.0 ReleaseComplete

May 18, 2016

Eclipse Open Standard Business PlatformCreationComplete
Eclipse Voice Tools ProjectTerminationComplete
Eclipse e(fx)clipse2.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Modeling Workflow Engine2.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Dirigible2.4 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Xtext2.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Kura2.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Nebula NatTable1.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Generative Modeling Technologies (GMT)TerminationComplete

May 4, 2016

Eclipse Che4.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Test and Performance Tools PlatformTerminationComplete
Eclipse SWTBot2.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment (EASE)0.3.0 ReleaseComplete

April 20, 2016

Eclipse eTrice1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse VIATRA1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EquinoxMerge SubprojectsComplete

April 6, 2016

Eclipse Ogee0.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse NeoSCADA0.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse4.3 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git4.3 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse WhiskersCreationComplete
Eclipse Collections7.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MiloCreationComplete
Eclipse ApogyCreationComplete
Eclipse JanuaryCreationComplete
Eclipse Mylyn3.19 ReleaseComplete

March 16, 2016

Eclipse Communication Framework3.13.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Dirigible2.3 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Golo3.1.0 ReleaseComplete
EMF Feature ModelTerminationComplete

March 2, 2016

Eclipse Che4.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Common Build InfrastructureMove the b3 Project to CBI Project Complete
Eclipse EMF Parsley0.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse e(fx)clipse2.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse OMRCreationComplete
Eclipse EdjeCreationComplete

February 24, 2016

Eclipse Orion11.0 ReleaseComplete

February 17, 2016

Eclipse Trace Compass1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Dirigible2.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Formal Modeling ProjectCreationComplete
Eclipse Oomph1.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Kura1.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMFStore1.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse PHP Development Tools3.7 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Code Recommenders2.3.0 ReleaseComplete

February 3, 2016

Eclipse EMF Parsley0.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Package Drone0.12.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse VIATRAMerge EMF-IncQuery and VIATRAComplete
Eclipse HonoCreationComplete

January 20, 2016

Eclipse Stardust3.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Collections7.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git4.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse4.2 ReleaseComplete

January 6, 2016

Epsilon1.3 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Mylyn3.18 ReleaseComplete

December 16, 2015

Eclipse Advanced Visualization ProjectCreationComplete
Eclipse Titan5.4.0 ReleaseComplete

December 9, 2015

Eclipse e(fx)clipse2.2.0 ReleaseComplete

December 2, 2015

Eclipse Handly0.4 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Linux Tools4.2.0 ReleaseComplete

November 25, 2015

Eclipse Vert.x3.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Communication Framework3.12.0 ReleaseComplete

November 18, 2015

Platform TextMove Platform Text to Platform UIComplete
Eclipse CollectionsCreationComplete
Eclipse UML Generators1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse NeoSCADARename to Eclipse NeoSCADAComplete

November 4, 2015

EMF-IncQuery1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse VIATRA0.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse hawkBitCreationComplete
Eclipse Golo3.0.0-incubation ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Rich BeansCreationComplete
Eclipse Orion10.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Californium (Cf) CoAP Framework1.0.0 ReleaseComplete

October 21, 2015

Eclipse Kura1.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Concierge5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Xtext2.9.0 ReleaseComplete

October 14, 2015

Eclipse Sirius3.1.0 ReleaseComplete

October 7, 2015

Requirements Modeling Framework0.13.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse eTrice0.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Dirigible2.1 ReleaseComplete

September 30, 2015

Eclipse Vert.x3.1.0 ReleaseComplete

September 16, 2015

Eclipse EMFStore1.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Trace Compass1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Oomph1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse PHP Development Tools3.6 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Mylyn3.17 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse4.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Communication Framework3.11.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)3.10.1 (Mars.1) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git4.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT)8.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Linux Tools4.1.0 ReleaseComplete

September 9, 2015

Eclipse Buildship: Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle1.0.3 ReleaseComplete

September 2, 2015

Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit5.3 ReleaseComplete
ReqCycle0.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Parsley0.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Papyrus for Real Time (Papyrus-RT)0.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse TriquetrumCreationComplete
Eclipse TiakiCreationComplete

August 19, 2015

Eclipse Tools for Cloud FoundryCreationComplete
Eclipse tinydtlsCreationComplete
Eclipse PMFCreationComplete

August 12, 2015

Eclipse APP4MCCreationComplete
Eclipse Layout KernelCreationComplete

August 5, 2015

Eclipse Model Driven Health ToolsCreationComplete

August 2, 2015

Eclipse e(fx)clipse2.1.0 ReleaseComplete

July 8, 2015

Eclipse Hudson3.3.0 ReleaseComplete

June 24, 2015

Eclipse Package DroneCreationComplete
Eclipse MDM|BLCreationComplete
Eclipse Buildship: Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle1.0 ReleaseComplete

June 17, 2015

Eclipse Maven Integration1.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project3.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Scout5.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Sphinx0.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse VIATRA0.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Thym1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse4.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP)9.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Vert.x3.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse CDO Model Repository4.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse SWTBot2.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Xpand2.1 (Mars) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Linux Tools4.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git4.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse GoloCreationComplete
EMF-IncQuery1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Oomph1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse WindowBuilder1.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Target Management4.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse XWT1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse GMF Tooling3.3.0 ReleaseComplete

June 10, 2015

Eclipse Amalgamation1.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Stardust3.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Trace Compass1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT)8.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse e(fx)clipse2.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF)1.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)3.10.0 (Mars) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Query1.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Marketplace Client1.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Sapphire8.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Ecore Tools3.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Memory Analyzer1.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMFStore1.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Sirius3.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Subversive SVN Team Provider3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Riena6.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Code Recommenders2.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit5.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Compare3.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Diff/Merge0.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Orion9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Mylyn3.16 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Validation1.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MDT UML25.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JWT1.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Transaction1.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Remote Application Platform3.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler Project1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF2.11.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MDT XSD (XML Schema Definition)2.11.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)4.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse ATL3.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Handly0.3 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MoDisco0.13.0 (Mars) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Communication Framework3.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Project4.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse GMF Runtime1.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Maven Integration for Web Tools Platform1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse GMF Notation1.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse QVTd (QVT Declarative)0.12.0 Mars ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Acceleo3.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse PHP Development Tools3.5 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Accessibility Tools Framework1.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse RCP Testing Tool2.0 (Mars) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Equinox4.5.0 (Mars) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse QVT Operational3.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Packaging Project4.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Gyrex Project1.5 (Mars) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Papyrus1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Target Communication Framework1.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Graphiti0.12.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse OCL (Object Constraint Language)6.0.0 Mars ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Sapphire9 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Lua Development Tools1.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Object Teams2.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Modeling Workflow Engine2.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Facet1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Generation Factories (EGF)1.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Jubula Functional Testing Tool3.1 (Mars) ReleaseComplete

June 3, 2015

Eclipse EMF Parsley0.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Kura1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Web Modeling FrameworkCreationComplete
Eclipse Edapt1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse RDF4JCreationComplete

May 20, 2015

Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment (EASE)0.2.0 ReleaseComplete

May 6, 2015

Eclipse Ogee0.6 ReleaseComplete

April 29, 2015

Eclipse FluxMove to Eclipse Cloud Development Top Level ProjectComplete

April 8, 2015

Eclipse Mylyn3.15 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Papyrus for Real Time (Papyrus-RT)CreationComplete
Eclipse OM2M0.8.0 ReleaseComplete
SMILA1.3.0 ReleaseComplete

April 1, 2015

Eclipse Target Communication FrameworkMove the "TCF Terminals" code to the TM ProjectComplete
Capella0.8.1 ReleaseComplete

March 25, 2015

Eclipse Titan5.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse ChemClipseCreationComplete
Eclipse openK platformCreationComplete

March 18, 2015

Eclipse Nebula NatTable1.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse DirigibleCreationComplete
Requirements Modeling Framework0.12.0 ReleaseComplete
EclipseLink Project2.6.0 ReleaseComplete

March 4, 2015

WTP EJB ToolsMerge into the Java EE Tools Project and TerminateComplete
Eclipse Code RecommendersMove the Error Reporter to the Eclipse Packaging ProjectComplete
Eclipse RISE V2GCreationComplete
Eclipse Gendoc0.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Xtext2.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse 4diacCreationComplete
Eclipse Orion8.0 ReleaseComplete

February 25, 2015

Eclipse Buildship: Eclipse Plug-ins for GradleCreationComplete
Eclipse Safety FrameworkCreationComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git3.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Jetty - Servlet Engine and Http Server9.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse3.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Trace Compass0.1.0 ReleaseComplete

February 18, 2015

Eclipse UML Generators0.9 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGerritCreationComplete

February 11, 2015

Eclipse PHP Development Tools3.4 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Linux Tools3.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT)8.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Mosquitto1.4 ReleaseComplete
AMW - Atlas Model WeaverTerminationComplete
Eclipse EMF Parsley0.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.5.0 ReleaseComplete

February 4, 2015

EMF-IncQuery0.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Target Management3.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Sisu0.3.0 ReleaseComplete

January 28, 2015

Eclipse Nebula NatTable1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse e(fx)clipse1.2.0 ReleaseComplete

January 21, 2015

Eclipse NeoSCADA0.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Paho1.1.0 ReleaseComplete

January 7, 2015

Eclipse Stardust2.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Ogee0.5.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Mylyn3.14 ReleaseComplete

December 17, 2014

Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment (EASE)0.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Kura1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse RCP Testing Tool1.5.4 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Visual Editor for XML1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse e4 ProjectMove e4 tools into Eclipse Platform UIComplete
Eclipse AndmoreCreationComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse3.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git3.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse LeshanCreationComplete

December 3, 2014

Eclipse Oomph1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Diff/Merge0.4.0 ReleaseComplete

November 26, 2014

Requirements Modeling Framework0.11.0 ReleaseComplete

November 12, 2014

Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java™2.0 ReleaseComplete

November 5, 2014

Eclipse e(fx)clipse1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse scoreCreationComplete
Eclipse Cloud DevelopmentTop-Level Project CreationComplete
Eclipse Sapphire8.1 ReleaseComplete

October 29, 2014

Eclipse Linux Tools3.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Orion7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Edapt1.0.0 ReleaseComplete

October 22, 2014

Eclipse Sirius2.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse VortoCreationComplete

October 8, 2014

Eclipse SmartHome0.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Cloud Application Management FrameworkCreationComplete
Esprima CreationOngoing

September 24, 2014

Eclipse Handly0.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT)8.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP)8.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse3.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git3.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Moquette MQTTCreationComplete
Eclipse Trace CompassCreationComplete
Eclipse Kura1.0.0 (Kura) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Mylyn3.13 ReleaseComplete

September 10, 2014

Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MDM@WEBCreationComplete
Eclipse EMFStore1.4.0 (Luna SR1) ReleaseComplete

August 27, 2014

Eclipse TitanCreationComplete
Eclipse Xtext2.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Modeling Workflow Engine2.7.0 ReleaseComplete

August 13, 2014

Eclipse Kura0.7 (Kura) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Communication Framework3.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse e(fx)clipse1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse IoTTop-level Project CreationComplete
Eclipse Hudson3.2.0 ReleaseComplete

July 30, 2014

Epsilon1.2 ReleaseComplete

July 16, 2014

Eclipse Common Build InfrastructureMaven Plugins 1.1.0 ReleaseComplete

June 18, 2014

Eclipse Modeling Workflow Engine2.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler Project1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse GMF Tooling3.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse WindowBuilder1.7.0 ReleaseComplete
EMF-IncQuery0.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project3.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit5.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Orion6.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Data Tools Platform1.12.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse PHP Development Tools3.3 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Handly0.1 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment (EASE)CreationComplete

June 11, 2014

Eclipse Code Recommenders2.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Graphiti0.11.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Packaging Project4.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Scout4.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JWT1.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Xpand2.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse QVT Operational3.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse CDO Model Repository4.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Paho1.0.0 (Luna) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse XWT1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse3.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Mylyn3.12 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Sphinx0.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Jubula Functional Testing Tool2.3.0 (Luna) ReleaseComplete
Intent0.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Remote Application Platform2.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse QVTd (QVT Declarative)0.11.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Memory Analyzer1.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Riena6.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Query1.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git3.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Acceleo3.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN2)1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Sirius1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Linux Tools3.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Project4.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP)8.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse ATL3.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Ecore Tools2.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse OCL (Object Constraint Language)5.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Maven Integration1.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Transaction1.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Equinox4.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT)8.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Stardust2.0.0 (Luna) ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Diff/Merge0.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Generation Factories (EGF)1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Sapphire8 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MDT UML25.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Marketplace Client1.3 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Vert.x2.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Accessibility Tools Framework1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Subversive SVN Team Provider2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Facet0.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMFStore1.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MoDisco0.12.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Target Management3.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)4.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Compare3.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse GMF Runtime1.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse GMF Notation1.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Amalgamation1.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Validation1.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Maven Integration for Web Tools Platform1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Object Teams2.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Target Communication Framework1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF)1.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Gyrex Project1.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Papyrus1.0.0 ReleaseComplete

May 28, 2014

Eclipse Lua Development ToolsCreationComplete
Koneki1.2.0 ReleaseComplete

May 21, 2014

Eclipse Xtext2.6.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse MDT XSD (XML Schema Definition)2.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF2.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse ThymCreationComplete
Aether1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Requirements Modeling Framework0.10.0 ReleaseComplete

April 30, 2014

Eclipse Paho0.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Oomph CreationComplete
Eclipse VIATRARename "VIATRA2" to "VIATRA"Complete
Eclipse Code RecommendersMove Snipmatch to Code RecommendersComplete
Eclipse NeoSCADA0.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Nebula NatTable1.1 ReleaseComplete

April 16, 2014

Eclipse EMFStore1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse AspectJ1.8 ReleaseComplete
Jetty - Servlet Engine and Http Server9.2.0 ReleaseComplete

April 9, 2014


March 26, 2014

Eclipse WakaamaCreationComplete
Eclipse eTrice0.4.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Mylyn3.11 ReleaseComplete
SequoyahTermination and RestructuringComplete
Eclipse FluxCreationComplete

March 5, 2014

Californium (Cf) CoAP FrameworkCreationComplete
Eclipse Communication Framework3.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse RCP Testing ToolCreationComplete
Eclipse Lyo2.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Project IncubatorTerminationComplete
Eclipse Californium (Cf) CoAP FrameworkCreationComplete

February 26, 2014

Eclipse UML GeneratorsEclipse UML Generators CreationComplete
Aether0.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse3.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Orion5.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT)8.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EquinoxRestructuring (Security and Website Subproject Termination)Complete

February 12, 2014

Sisu0.2.0 ReleaseComplete

February 5, 2014

Common Build InfrastructureCreationComplete
Eclipse Common Build InfrastructureCreationComplete
Eclipse FrancaCreationComplete
Eclipse OM2MCreationComplete

January 29, 2014

Eclipse e(fx)clipse0.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Koneki1.1.0 ReleaseComplete

January 22, 2014

Eclipse SWTBot2.2.0 ReleaseComplete

January 15, 2014

Eclipse Stardust1.1.0 ReleaseComplete

December 18, 2013

Eclipse XWT0.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git3.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Remote Application Platform2.2.0 ReleaseComplete
The Eclipse Examples ProjectTerminationComplete
IDE for EducationTerminationComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse3.2.0 ReleaseComplete
The IDE Meta-tooling PlatformTerminationComplete
g-Eclipse Technology ProjectTerminationComplete

December 11, 2013

Eclipse Sapphire0.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Modeling Workflow Engine2.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Xtext2.5.0 ReleaseComplete

December 4, 2013

Eclipse Linux Tools2.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Sirius0.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMFStore1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF)1.3.0 ReleaseComplete

November 27, 2013


November 6, 2013

Sisu0.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Mylyn3.10 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse SmartHomeCreationComplete

October 30, 2013

Eclipse Orion4.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler Project1.0 ReleaseComplete

October 23, 2013

Eclipse Code Recommenders2.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.1.0 ReleaseComplete

October 16, 2013

3PPolarSys IDE 0.7 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Spatio-Temporal Epidemiological Modeler2.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Jetty - Servlet Engine and Http Server9.1 ReleaseComplete

October 2, 2013

Eclipse Communication Framework3.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git3.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Lyo2.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse3.1.0 ReleaseComplete

September 18, 2013


September 11, 2013

Eclipse Hudson3.1.0 ReleaseComplete

August 28, 2013

Eclipse SCADACreationComplete

August 14, 2013

Epsilon1.1 ReleaseComplete
Mihini0.9 ReleaseComplete

July 31, 2013

Eclipse VIATRA3.3.0 ReleaseComplete
R4E (Review for Eclipse)0.20.0 ReleaseComplete

July 24, 2013

Eclipse EMFStore1.0.0 ReleaseComplete

July 3, 2013


June 19, 2013

EMF-IncQuery0.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Koneki1.0.0 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse PHP Development Tools3.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Marketplace Client1.2.0 ReleaseComplete
Fundamental Modeling Concepts (FMC)CreationComplete

June 12, 2013

EMF Client Platform1.0 Release/GraduationOngoing

June 5, 2013

UOMo0.6 ReleaseComplete

May 29, 2013

Nattable1.0 Release and GraduationComplete

May 22, 2013

EMF Query2TerminationComplete

May 15, 2013

EMF ParsleyCreationComplete

May 12, 2013

EMF Client1.0 Release/GraduationOngoing

May 1, 2013

Gemini Management2.0 ReleaseComplete
EclipseLink2.5 ReleaseComplete

April 24, 2013

eTrice0.3 ReleaseComplete

April 17, 2013

SMILA1.2 ReleaseComplete

April 3, 2013

Eclipse Bundle RecipesCreationComplete
R4E0.13 ReleaseComplete

March 20, 2013

SWTBot2.1 Release and GraduationComplete
Xtext2.4 ReleaseComplete

March 13, 2013

Xpand1.3 ReleaseComplete

March 6, 2013

Eclipse Communication Framework3.6 ReleaseComplete

February 27, 2013

Orion2.0 ReleaseComplete

February 20, 2013

Maven Integration for Web Tools Platform0.17 ReleaseComplete
EGit2.3 ReleaseComplete
Maven Integration1.3 ReleaseComplete
JGit2.3 ReleaseComplete

February 13, 2013

Gemini DBAccess1.1 ReleaseComplete

February 6, 2013

Jetty9.0 ReleaseComplete
Lyo1.1 ReleaseComplete
3P - PolarSys PackagingCreationComplete
Eclipse UML Profiles RepositoryCreationComplete

January 16, 2013

EGL Development Tools0.8.2 ReleaseComplete

December 26, 2012

Koneki0.9 ReleaseComplete

December 19, 2012

XtextRestructure (merge Xtend)Complete
Web Tools Data ToolsTerminationComplete
Virgo3.6 ReleaseComplete
Gemini Web2.2 ReleaseComplete
JGit2.2 ReleaseComplete
EGit2.2 ReleaseComplete

December 12, 2012

BPMN2 Modeler0.2 ReleaseComplete
Hudson3.0 ReleaseComplete

December 5, 2012


November 28, 2012


November 21, 2012

R4E0.12 ReleaseComplete

November 14, 2012

Sapphire0.6 ReleaseComplete
Linux Tools1.2 ReleaseComplete

November 7, 2012

Gemini JPA1.1 ReleaseComplete
Remote Application PlatformRestructuring (rename RAP as "Remote Application Platform")Complete

October 17, 2012

BPMN2 Modeler0.1 ReleaseComplete
Orion1.0 Release and GraduationComplete

October 10, 2012

eTrice0.2 ReleaseComplete
Lyo1.0 Release and GraduationComplete

September 26, 2012

emfatic0.8 ReleaseComplete
EGit2.1 ReleaseComplete
m2e-wtp0.16 ReleaseComplete
JGit2.1 ReleaseComplete
Test and Performance Tools PlatformRestructuring (Move to Tools)Complete

September 19, 2012

Spatio-Temporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM)1.4 ReleaseComplete
NatTable0.9 ReleaseComplete
m2eclipse1.2 ReleaseComplete

September 12, 2012


September 5, 2012

Vex1.0 Release and GraduationComplete
EMF Compare2.0 ReleaseComplete
Epsilon1.0 Release and GraduationComplete

August 29, 2012


August 8, 2012


August 1, 2012

EGL Development Tools (EDT)0.8.1 ReleaseComplete

July 25, 2012

Linux Tools1.1 ReleaseComplete

July 11, 2012

EMF IndexTerminationComplete
Reviews for Eclipse (R4E)0.11 ReleaseComplete

July 4, 2012

SMILA1.1 ReleaseComplete

June 20, 2012

QVT Operational3.2 ReleaseComplete
Parallel Tools Platform6.0 ReleaseComplete
Modeling Workflow Engine2.3 ReleaseComplete
Target Management3.4 ReleaseComplete
EMF Query20.7 ReleaseComplete
Code Recommenders1.0 Release and GraduationComplete
GMF Tooling3.0 ReleaseComplete

June 13, 2012

EMF Compare1.3 ReleaseComplete
Modisco0.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Amalgamation1.3 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Generation Factories (EGF)1.0 Release and GraduationComplete
Virgo3.5 ReleaseComplete
Koneki0.8 ReleaseComplete
Object Teams2.1 ReleaseComplete
Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)4.2 ReleaseComplete
Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)3.8 ReleaseComplete
Xtext2.3 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Packaging Project1.5 ReleaseComplete
Rich Ajax Platform (RAP)1.5 ReleaseComplete
EGit2.0 ReleaseComplete
Scout3.8 ReleaseComplete
Xpand1.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)2.8 ReleaseComplete
PHP Development Tools3.1 ReleaseComplete
EMF Transaction1.6 ReleaseComplete
WindowBuilder1.5 ReleaseComplete
Mylyn3.8 ReleaseComplete
Gyrex1.1 ReleaseComplete
Subversive1.0 Release and GraduationComplete
Accessibility Tools Framework1.0 Release and GraduationComplete
EMF Validation1.6 ReleaseComplete
Jubula1.2.1 ReleaseComplete
UML24.0 ReleaseComplete
Memory Analyzer1.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse4.2 ReleaseComplete
SCA2.3 ReleaseComplete
EMF Query1.6 ReleaseComplete
Papyrus0.9 ReleaseComplete
Ecore Tools1.1 ReleaseComplete
Data Tools1.10 ReleaseComplete
Mylyn Intent0.7 ReleaseComplete
Web Tools Platform3.4 ReleaseComplete
Java Workflow Tooling1.2 ReleaseComplete
GMF Notation1.6 ReleaseComplete
Sapphire0.5 ReleaseComplete
EclipseLink2.4 ReleaseComplete
Runtime Packaging1.0 Release and GraduationComplete
MDT XSD (XML Schema Definition)2.8 ReleaseComplete
C/C++ Development Tools (CDT)8.1 ReleaseComplete
GMF Runtime1.6 ReleaseComplete
Xtend2.3 ReleaseComplete
Orion0.5 ReleaseComplete
Linux Tools1.0 Release and GraduationComplete
CDO4.1 ReleaseComplete
Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK)4.0 ReleaseComplete
Model Focusing Tools0.9 ReleaseComplete
JGit2.0 ReleaseComplete
ATL3.3 ReleaseComplete
Graphiti0.9 ReleaseComplete
Gemini Web2.1 ReleaseComplete
Maven Integration (m2e)1.1 ReleaseComplete
Riena4.0 ReleaseComplete
Target Communication Framework (TCF)1.0 Release and GraduationComplete
Acceleo3.3 ReleaseComplete
Equinox3.8 ReleaseComplete
EMF Facet0.2 ReleaseComplete
OCL4.0 ReleaseComplete

June 6, 2012

EMF Diff/Merge (EDM)CreationComplete

May 23, 2012

Review for Eclipse (R4E)0.10.0 ReleaseComplete

May 16, 2012

EMF Store0.9.0 ReleaseComplete
EMF Client0.9.0 ReleaseComplete

May 2, 2012

BPEL Designer1.0 Release and GraduationComplete
Extended Editing Framework (EEF)1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
Gyrex1.0 Release, Graduation, and RestructuringComplete
AspectJ1.7 ReleaseComplete
Runtime Analysis Tools (RAT)TerminationComplete
AspectJ Development Tools2.2.0 ReleaseComplete

April 25, 2012

SOA Tools PlatformTerminationComplete
Maven Integration for Web Tools PlatformCreationComplete

April 11, 2012

EGL Development Tools0.8 ReleaseComplete

March 28, 2012


March 21, 2012

Linux Tools0.10.0 ReleaseComplete

March 14, 2012

Mylyn3.7 ReleaseComplete

February 29, 2012

EMF Store0.8.9 ReleaseComplete
Orion0.4 ReleaseComplete
EMF Client0.8.9 ReleaseComplete

February 15, 2012

Gemini Naming1.0 Release and GraduationComplete
Eclipse Platform User AssistanceRestructuring (Merge into Platform UI)Complete
EGit1.3 ReleaseComplete
Code Recommenders0.5 ReleaseComplete
JGit1.3 ReleaseComplete

February 8, 2012

Tools for Mobile WebTerminationComplete

February 1, 2012

Mylyn IncubatorRestructuring (move Full Text Search to Mylyn Tasks)Complete
STEM1.3 ReleaseComplete

January 25, 2012

Gemini Management1.0 Release and GraduationComplete

January 18, 2012

XtextRestructuring (Xtend Creation)Complete
SMILARelease and GraduationComplete
Linux ToolsRestructure (Move Autotools to CDT)Complete

January 4, 2012

Mylyn ReviewsRestructuring (R4E Creation)Complete
Presentation Modeling Framework (PMF)Restructuring (Create Wazaabi)Complete

December 21, 2011

Cloud Development ToolkitTerminationComplete
BPMN ModelerTerminationComplete
EGit1.2 ReleaseComplete
JGit1.2 ReleaseComplete
Faceted Project FrameworkTerminationComplete
Ganomatic Build ToolTerminationComplete
Open Financial Market PlatformTerminationComplete
Open Healthcare FrameworkTerminationComplete
Eclipse for SilverlightTerminationComplete
Integration for Apache MavenTerminationComplete

December 14, 2011

Jetty7.6 ReleaseComplete
Jetty8.1 ReleaseComplete

December 7, 2011

Modeling Workflow Engine2.2 ReleaseComplete
Xtext2.2 ReleaseComplete

November 30, 2011

eTrice0.1 ReleaseComplete
Sapphire0.4 ReleaseComplete
Gyrex0.11 ReleaseComplete

November 23, 2011

EGL Development Tools0.7.0 ReleaseOngoing
Dali3.1 ReleaseComplete
Model Focusing ToolsCreationComplete

November 2, 2011

Linux Tools0.9 ReleaseComplete

October 26, 2011

SMILA0.9 ReleaseComplete
Xtext2.1 ReleaseComplete
Acceleo3.2 ReleaseComplete
Orion0.3 ReleaseComplete
Modeling Workflow Engine2.1 ReleaseComplete
GMF Tooling2.4.0 ReleaseComplete

October 12, 2011


September 21, 2011

EGit1.1 ReleaseComplete
Jubula1.1 ReleaseComplete
JGit1.1 ReleaseComplete

September 7, 2011

EpsilonRestructuring (move to EMFT)Complete

August 31, 2011

Jetty7.5 and 8.0 ReleaseComplete

August 24, 2011

Requirements Modeling Framework (RMF)CreationComplete

August 17, 2011

Virgo3.0 ReleaseComplete
Gemini Web2.0 ReleaseComplete
EMF Query2Restructuring/CreationComplete
Java EE Module Configuration EditorsCreationComplete

July 20, 2011

Orion0.2 ReleaseComplete

July 13, 2011

BPEL DesignerRestructuring (Move to SOA)Complete

June 29, 2011

BPMN 2.0 ModelerCreationComplete

June 15, 2011

Eclipse Communication Framework3.5.1 ReleaseComplete
QVT Operational3.1 ReleaseComplete
Equinox3.7 ReleaseComplete
Jetty7.4.2 ReleaseComplete
EGF0.5 ReleaseComplete
BIRT3.7 ReleaseComplete
EGit1.0 Release/GraduationComplete
Sapphire0.3 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse3.7/4.1 ReleaseComplete
Amalgamation1.2 ReleaseComplete
CDO4.0 ReleaseComplete
Memory Analyzer1.1 ReleaseComplete
Parallel Tools Platform5.0 ReleaseComplete
Sequoyah2.0 ReleaseComplete
Gyrex0.10 ReleaseComplete
WindowBuilder1.0 Release/GraduationComplete
PHP Development Tools3.0 ReleaseComplete
Mobile Tools for Java1.2 ReleaseComplete
JGit1.0 Release/GraduationComplete
Eclipse Packaging Project1.4 ReleaseComplete
Linux Tools0.8 ReleaseComplete
C/C++ Development Tools8.0 ReleaseComplete
Graphical Editing Framework3.7 ReleaseComplete

June 8, 2011

Extended Editing Framework (EEF)1.0 Release/GraduationComplete
GMF Notation1.5.0 ReleaseComplete
Graphiti0.8 ReleaseComplete
EMF Facet0.1 ReleaseComplete
GMF Runtime1.5.0 ReleaseComplete
AMP0.9.0 ReleaseComplete
ACTF0.9.0 ReleaseComplete
Marketplace Client1.1 ReleaseComplete
EclipseLink2.3.0 ReleaseComplete
Ecore Tools1.0 Release/GraduationComplete
EMF Compare1.2 ReleaseComplete
Papyrus0.8.0 ReleaseComplete
Runtime Packaging0.1.0 ReleaseComplete
SCA Tools2.2 ReleaseComplete
Xpand1.1 ReleaseComplete
Modeling Workflow Engine2.0 ReleaseComplete
Riena3.0 ReleaseComplete
Target Management3.3 ReleaseComplete
RAP1.4 ReleaseComplete
MoDisco0.9 ReleaseComplete
OCL3.1 ReleaseComplete
Xtext2.0 ReleaseComplete
ATL3.2 ReleaseComplete
Acceleo3.1 ReleaseComplete
UML23.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Modeling Framework2.7 ReleaseComplete
XSD2.7 ReleaseComplete
Data Tools1.9 ReleaseComplete
EMF Query1.5 ReleaseComplete
EMF Transaction1.5 ReleaseComplete
EMF Validation1.5 ReleaseComplete
Subversive0.7.9 ReleaseComplete
Web Tools3.3 ReleaseComplete
Mylyn3.6 ReleaseComplete
Scout3.7 ReleaseComplete
Object Teams2.0 Release/GraduationComplete
Dynamic Languages Toolkit3.0 ReleaseComplete
Java Workflow Tooling1.1 ReleaseComplete
Jubula1.0 Release/GraduationComplete
Maven Integration (m2e)1.0 Release/GraduationComplete

June 1, 2011

Visual EditorTerminationComplete

May 25, 2011

Eclipse Process Manager (Stardust)CreationComplete

May 11, 2011


April 27, 2011

Extended Editing Framework (EEF)0.9.0 ReleaseComplete
EGit0.12.0 ReleaseComplete
JGit0.12.0 ReleaseComplete
SMILA0.8.0 ReleaseComplete

April 13, 2011

Jetty7.4.0 ReleaseComplete
eBPM0.7.0 ReleaseComplete

April 6, 2011

Equinox BundlesRestructuring (Digraph Move)Complete

March 16, 2011

Runtime Analysis Tools (RAT)CreationComplete
Mylyn3.5 ReleaseComplete
Mylyn IntentCreationComplete

March 9, 2011

Gemini DBAccess1.0.0 Release and GraduationComplete
Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF)3.5 ReleaseComplete
Gemini JPA1.0 Release/GraduationComplete

March 2, 2011

Gemini Blueprint1.0.0 Release and GraduationComplete

February 16, 2011


February 9, 2011

JGit0.11.0 ReleaseComplete
Linux Tools0.7 ReleaseComplete
EGit0.11.0 ReleaseComplete

January 26, 2011


January 19, 2011

JettyRelease 7.3.0Complete
RT PackagingCreationComplete

January 12, 2011

EclipseLinkRelease 2.2.0Complete
Web Tools IncubatorRestructuringComplete

December 22, 2010

EBam0.8 ReleaseComplete

December 15, 2010

JGit0.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Sapphire0.1 ReleaseComplete
EGit0.10.0 ReleaseComplete
Sapphire0.2 ReleaseComplete
Code RecommendersCreationComplete

December 1, 2010

Summer of CodeTerminationComplete
Web Tools Incubator: JPA Diagram Editor0.5.0 Component ReleaseComplete
Visual Editor1.5 ReleaseComplete
Open Requirements Management FrameworkTerminationComplete
Papyrus0.7.0 ReleaseComplete

November 24, 2010


October 20, 2010

Jetty7.2 ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF)Release 3.4 Complete
Gemini WebRelease 1.1.0 and GraduationComplete
VirgoRelease 2.1.0 and GraduationComplete

October 13, 2010


September 29, 2010

Device DebuggingTerminationComplete
Native Application BuilderTerminationComplete
SequoyahRestructuring (Move to Tools)Complete
DSDPRestructuring and TerminationComplete
Mobile Tools for JavaRestructuring (Move to Sequoyah)Complete
Real-Time Software ComponentsRestructuring (Move to Technology)Complete
Target ManagementRestructuringComplete
Target Communication FrameworkCreationComplete
Javascript for EMF (JS4EMF)CreationComplete
Tools for Mobile WebCreationComplete
The Eclipse Process Framework Project1.5.1 ReleaseComplete
eBAM0.7.0 ReleaseComplete
Graphiti0.7.0 ReleaseComplete

September 15, 2010

EGit0.9 ReleaseComplete
STEM1.1.0 ReleaseComplete
JGit0.9 ReleaseComplete

August 25, 2010

EMF FacetCreationComplete
EGL Development Tools ProjectCreationComplete
EMF StoreCreationComplete
EMF Client Platform (ECP)CreationComplete

August 18, 2010

MDT/OCLRestructuring (Scope change)Complete

August 11, 2010


July 28, 2010

Eclipse4.0 ReleaseComplete

July 21, 2010


July 14, 2010


July 7, 2010

Object Teams0.7 ReleaseComplete

June 23, 2010

Agent Modeling Platform0.8 ReleaseComplete
AspectJ Development Tools2.1.0 ReleaseComplete
EMF Net4jRestructuring / Move to CDOComplete

June 11, 2010

Model to Model QVT-OMLHelios ReleaseComplete
Model to Text AcceleoHelios Graduation/ReleaseComplete
Model Development Tools XSDHelios ReleaseComplete
Model to Text JETHelios ReleaseComplete
Model Development Tools UML2Helios ReleaseComplete
Model to Model ATLHelios ReleaseComplete
Java Workflow Tooling1.0 Helios Graduation/ReleaseComplete
Graphical Modeling Project GMF NotationHelios ReleaseComplete
Marketplace ClientHelios ReleaseComplete
Memory AnalyzerHelios ReleaseComplete
EMFT Extended Editing FrameworkHelios ReleaseComplete
EMFT Ecore ToolsHelios ReleaseComplete
EMF ValidationHelios ReleaseComplete
EMF TransactionHelios ReleaseComplete
EMF TeneoHelios ReleaseComplete
Model to Text XpandHelios Graduation/ReleaseComplete
EMFT Modeling Workflow EngineHelios ReleaseComplete
GMP GMF ToolingHelios ReleaseComplete
Equinox / p2Helios ReleaseComplete
EMFT MintHelios ReleaseComplete
GMT MoDiscoHelios ReleaseComplete
Target ManagementHelios ReleaseComplete
Webtools (consolidated)Helios ReleaseComplete
XtextHelios Graduation/ReleaseComplete
PHP Development ToolsHelios ReleaseComplete
Dynamic Languages ToolkitHelios ReleaseComplete
Model Development Tools OCLHelios ReleaseComplete
Business Intelligence and Reporting ToolsHelios ReleaseComplete
EMF QueryHelios ReleaseComplete
Helios SimultaneousReleaseComplete
Mobile Tools for JavaHelios ReleaseComplete
Graphical Editing FrameworkHelios ReleaseComplete
Rich Ajax PlatformHelios ReleaseComplete
RienaHelios ReleaseComplete
SubversiveHelios ReleaseComplete
SequoyahHelios Graduation/ReleaseComplete
Plug-in Development EnvironmentHelios ReleaseComplete
Parallel Tools Platform / PhotranHelios ReleaseComplete
SwordfishHelios ReleaseComplete
Service Component Architecture ToolsHelios ReleaseComplete
Linux ToolsHelios ReleaseComplete
Graphical Modeling Project GMF RuntimeHelios ReleaseComplete
Test and Performance Tools PlatformHelios ReleaseComplete
MylynHelios ReleaseComplete
EGitHelios ReleaseComplete
Buckminster1.3 Helios ReleaseComplete
C/C++ Development ToolingHelios ReleaseComplete
BPMN ModelerHelios ReleaseComplete
AmalgamationHelios ReleaseComplete
EMF NET4jHelios ReleaseComplete
JGitHelios ReleaseComplete
Data Tools PlatformHelios ReleaseComplete
Accessibility Tools Framework (ACTF)Helios ReleaseComplete
EMF CompareHelios ReleaseComplete
EMF CDOHelios ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Communication FrameworkHelios ReleaseComplete
EclipseLinkHelios ReleaseComplete
Eclipse3.6 Helios ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Modeling FrameworkHelios ReleaseComplete
Eclipse Packaging ProjectHelios ReleaseComplete

May 12, 2010

TPTP Monitoring ToolsTerminationComplete
Jetty7.1 ReleaseComplete
Cloud Deployment ToolkitCreationComplete

April 28, 2010

MoDiscoMove (GMT to MDT)Complete
Memory AnalyzerGraduation and Move to ToolsComplete
BPMN ModelerMove (STP to SOA)Complete

April 7, 2010

SCA ToolsMove (from STP to SOA)Complete
Remus Information ManagementCreationComplete
Graphical Modeling FrameworkRestructuringComplete

March 17, 2010

Java Workflow ToolingMove to SOAComplete
SMILA0.7 ReleaseComplete
EGit/JGit0.7 ReleaseComplete
Mangrove - SOA Modeling FrameworkCreationComplete
Linux Tools0.5 ReleaseComplete

March 10, 2010

Pave0.5 ReleaseWithdrawn
Marketplace Client Project (MPC)CreationComplete
JAX-WS ComponentMove (from WTP Incubator to Webservices)Complete

February 24, 2010


February 10, 2010

SwordfishMove to SOAComplete
Eclipse Communication Framework3.2 ReleaseComplete
EGit0.7 ReleaseWithdrawn
Mylyn ReviewsCreationComplete
Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM)GraduationComplete
Enterprise Modules (Gemini)CreationComplete
JavaScript Development ToolsCreationComplete

January 27, 2010

Object Teams (OT)CreationComplete
Modeling Team FrameworkCreationComplete

December 16, 2009

Tools for Mobile Linux0.4 ReleaseComplete
Java Workflow Tooling0.7 ReleaseComplete
MylynMove Connector Discovery Code to p2Complete

December 9, 2009

SODA DK & SODA SATOHF to Equinox MoveComplete

November 25, 2009

Parallel Tools Platform3.0Complete

November 18, 2009

Eclipse B3CreationComplete
Eclipse B3CreationComplete
Linux Tools0.4 ReleaseComplete

October 14, 2009

Mylyn3.3 ReleaseComplete
EclipseLink1.2 ReleaseWithdrawn
Eclipse Modeling Framework Feature ModelCreationComplete
PHP Development Tools IncubatorCreationComplete

October 7, 2009

Eclipse Modeling Framework RefactorCreationComplete
Eclipse Modeling Framework TigerCreationComplete
Eclipse Communication Framework3.1 ReleaseComplete

September 23, 2009

COSMOS1.1 ReleaseComplete

September 16, 2009

Swordfish0.9 ReleaseComplete
Tools for Mobile LinuxMove/RenameComplete
Visual Editor1.4 ReleaseComplete

August 19, 2009

Athena/Common BuilderRestructuring/Move/TerminationComplete
Linux Tools0.3 ReleaseComplete

August 4, 2009

Athena Common BuilderMoveWithdrawn

July 30, 2009

e40.9 ReleaseComplete

June 24, 2009

JettyGraduation/Release 7.0Complete
Embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP)1.3 ReleaseComplete
Ajax Toolkit Framework (ATF)ContinuationComplete
AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT)Release 2.0Complete
Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) IncubatorCreationComplete
RAP IncubatorCreationComplete

June 17, 2009

PHP Development Tools (PDT)Galileo Release 2.1Complete
MintGalileo Release 0.8Complete

June 10, 2009

Rich Ajax Platform (RAP)Galileo Release 1.2Complete
CDO Model RepositoryGalileo Release 2.0Complete
AcceleoGalileo Release 0.8Complete
JETGalileo Release/Graduation 1.0Complete
EquinoxGalileo Release 3.5Complete
EMF CoreGalileo Release 2.5Complete
Unified Modeling Language (MDT UML2)Galileo Release 3.0Complete
MDT UML2ToolsGalileo Release 0.9Complete
M2T XpandGalileo Release 0.7Complete
XSDGalileo Release 2.5Complete
SubversiveGalileo Release 0.7Complete
Net4j Signalling PlatformGalileo Release 2.0Complete
Accessibility Tools Framework (ACTF)Galileo Release 0.7Complete
XtextGalileo Release 0.7Complete
Buckminster1.2 Galileo Release Complete
EMFT Modeling Workflow Engine (MWE)Galileo Release 0.7Complete
Web ToolsGalileo Release 3.1Complete
MylynGalileo Release 3.2Complete
Data Tools (DTP)Galileo Release 1.7Complete
Eclipse3.5 Galileo ReleaseComplete
TPTPGalileo Release 4.6Complete
Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP)Galileo Release 1.1Complete
Memory Analyzer Tool (MAT)Galileo Release 0.8Complete
Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF)Galileo Release 3.0Complete
EMF CompareGalileo Release/Graduation 1.0Complete
STP - Policy EditorGalileo Release 1.1Complete
Tools for Mobile LinuxGalileo Release 0.3Complete
QVT OperationalGalileo Release 2.0Complete
Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)Galileo Release 3.4Complete
C/C++ Development ToolsGalileo Release 6.0Complete
Java Workflow Tooling (JWT)Galileo Release 0.6Complete
SCA ToolsGalileo Release 2.0Complete
Dynamic Languages ToolkitGalileo Release/Graduation 1.0Complete
STP - Intermediate ModelGalileo Release 1.1.0Complete
SwordfishGalileo Release 0.9Ongoing
BPMN ModelerGalileo Release 1.1Complete
EMFT Ecore ToolsGalileo Release 0.9Complete
Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF)Galileo Release 2.2Complete
EMF TransactionGalileo Release 1.3Complete
BIRTGalileo Release 2.5Complete
DSDP Target ManagementGalileo Release 3.1Complete
TeneoGalileo Release 1.1Complete
M2M ATLGalileo Release 3.0Complete
RienaGalileo Release 1.1Complete
Object Constraint Language (MDT OCL)Galileo Release 1.3Complete
EMF QueryGalileo Release 1.3Complete
EMF ValidationGalileo Release 1.3Complete
DSDP Mobile Tools for JavaGalileo Release/Graduation 1.0Complete
Galileo Simultaneous Release1.0 ReleaseComplete

May 20, 2009

Equinox AspectsGraduation and MoveComplete
Ajax Tools Framework (ATF)TerminationWithdrawn

May 11, 2009

eslName ChangeComplete

May 6, 2009

Linux Tools0.2 ReleaseComplete

April 22, 2009

Silverlight Development ToolkitCreationComplete

April 8, 2009


March 18, 2009

Equinox Logging BundleGraduationComplete
Blinki formerly FireFlyCreationComplete
CloudfreeName and Scope ChangeComplete

March 11, 2009

Eclipselink1.1 Re-doComplete
EMF IndexCreationComplete

February 25, 2009

JDT Concurrency ComponentTerminationComplete
Eclipse ExamplesRestructuringComplete

February 11, 2009

Linux Tools0.1Complete

January 28, 2009


January 14, 2009

Tools for Mobile Linux0.2Complete

December 23, 2008

Eclipse Examples0.1Complete
Device Debugging (DSDP-DD)1.1Complete
Device Debugging (DSDP-DD)Component Move to CDTComplete
Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF)2.1Complete

December 10, 2008

Memory Analyzer0.7Complete
Faceted Project FrameworkCreationComplete

November 12, 2008

Application Lifecycle FrameworkTerminationComplete
Dali JPA Tools2.1Complete
STP-SC, STP SOASTerminationComplete

October 29, 2008

Embedded Rich Client PlatformMove (DSDP to RT)Complete
Parallel Tools Platform2.1Complete
Java Workflow Toolbox0.5Complete
BPMN ModelerCreationComplete

October 8, 2008

MDT EODMTerminationComplete
DSDP TmL0.1 Release ReviewComplete
MDT OCL ToolsTerminationComplete
Mobile Tools for Java0.9Complete

September 30, 2008


September 17, 2008


August 13, 2008

Dash - Eclipse MonkeyTerminationComplete
PDE Declarative Service ToolingGraduationComplete
Embedded Rich Client Platform1.2Complete
Model Driven Development IntegrationTerminationComplete
Webtools XSL Tools ComponentPre-1.0Complete
The Eclipse Process Framework Project1.5Complete

July 23, 2008

SCA ToolsCreationComplete

June 26, 2008

Eclipselink1.0 Release/GraduationComplete
SMILA (EILF)CreationComplete

June 11, 2008


June 4, 2008

SubversiveGanymede ReleaseComplete
EMFT Net4jGanymede GraduationComplete
Buckminster1.1 Ganymede ReleaseComplete
ECF2.0 Ganymede ReleaseComplete
M2M QVTGanymede ReleaseComplete
EMFT MintGanymede ReleaseComplete
M2T JetGanymede ReleaseComplete
TPTPGanymede ReleaseComplete
DLTK0.95 Ganymede ReleaseComplete
CDT5.0 Ganymede ReleaseComplete
BIRT2.3 Ganymede ReleaseComplete
Ganymede (except STP) Simultaneous ReleaseUnknownComplete
EMFT SearchGanymede ReleaseComplete
DSDP-DD1.0 Ganymede ReleaseComplete
DSDP-TM3.0 Ganymede ReleaseComplete
DSDP-NAB0.9 Ganymede ReleaseComplete
DTP1.6 Ganymede ReleaseComplete
Mylyn3.0 Ganymede ReleaseComplete
EMF CompareGanymede ReleaseComplete
MDT XSDGanymede ReleaseComplete
EMF QVTGanymede ReleaseComplete
EMFT CDOGanymede GraduationComplete
RAPGanymede ReleaseComplete
WTP3.0 Ganymede ReleaseComplete
M2M ATL2.0 Ganymede ReleaseComplete
GEF3.4 Ganymede ReleaseComplete
GMFGanymede ReleaseComplete
EMFT TeneoGanymede GraduationComplete
MDT OCLGanymede ReleaseComplete
EPPGanymede ReleaseComplete
Eclipse3.4 Ganymede ReleaseComplete
EMFT Ecore ToolsGanymede ReleaseComplete
MDT UML2 ToolsGanymede ReleaseComplete
MDT UML2Ganymede ReleaseComplete
EMF Core & SDOGanymede ReleaseComplete

May 20, 2008

Eclipse Packaging ProjectGraduationComplete

May 7, 2008


April 16, 2008


April 10, 2008


March 12, 2008

Parallel Tools Platform2.0Complete
Equinox Transform BundlesGraduationComplete
Eclipse Examples ProjectCreationComplete

February 27, 2008

Java Workflow Tooling0.4Complete
Memory AnalyzerCreationComplete

February 13, 2008

Equinox Provisioning (P2)GraduationComplete
Equinox Security BundlesGraduationComplete
AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF)ContinuationComplete
Higgins, The Trust Framework1.0 Release/GraduationComplete

January 30, 2008

Buckminster1.0 Release, Graduation and Move to ToolsComplete
API Tooling ComponentGraduationComplete
Equinox OSGi Service ImplementationsGraduationComplete

January 16, 2008

DTP IncubatorCreationComplete

December 21, 2007


December 19, 2007

AspectJ Development Tools1.5.4 (AspectJ) and 1.5.1 (AJDT)Complete

November 7, 2007

COSMOSWSDM Component Move (TPTP to COSMOS)Complete
MylynMove from Technology to Tools and 2.1Complete
STPInfrastructure Change and Component CreationComplete

October 17, 2007

Zest component move - Mylyn to GEFMoveComplete

October 3, 2007

Rich AJAX Platform (RAP)1.0Complete

September 17, 2007

WTP Incubator ProjectCreationComplete

August 29, 2007

PHP Development Tools (PDT)1.0Complete

August 15, 2007

SOA RuntimeCreationComplete

July 25, 2007

Embedded Rich Client Platform1.1Complete
Google Summer of CodeCreationComplete
The Eclipse Process Framework Project1.2Complete

July 2, 2007


June 18, 2007

Mylyn2.0.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
Europa Simultaneous Release (Platform and Mylyn [Mylar])UnknownComplete
Eclipse3.3 Europa ReleaseComplete

June 15, 2007

Europa Simultaneous Release (TPTP, EMF-QVT, STP)UnknownComplete
STPUpdate to 1.1.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
EMF-QVT1.1.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
TPTP4.4.0 Europa ReleaseComplete

June 6, 2007

CDT4.0.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
WTP2.0.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
ECF1.0.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
Graphical Modeling Framework2.0.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
AspectJ Development Tools1.5.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
Europa (Except Platform, Mylar, TPTP, and EMF-QVT) Simultaneous ReleaseUnknownComplete
EMF2.3.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
BIRT2.2.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
Target Management / RSE0.2.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
Model-to-Text (M2T) Transformation0.8.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
STP0.6.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
Buckminster0.1.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
Model Development Tools1.0.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
Device Debugging0.9.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
GEF3.3.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
Dash - Eclipse Monkey1.0.0 Europa ReleaseComplete
Dynamic Languages Toolkit0.9.0 Europa ReleaseComplete

May 30, 2007


May 2, 2007

The Eclipse Spaces ProjectCreationComplete

April 18, 2007


March 28, 2007

Eclipse Project IncubatorCreationComplete

February 28, 2007

Parallel Tools Platform1.1Complete

January 31, 2007

Eclipse Packaging ProjectCreationComplete

January 17, 2007

Java Workflow ToolboxCreationComplete

January 4, 2007

Model-to-Text (M2T) TransformationCreationComplete

December 20, 2006

Parallel Tools PlatformMoveComplete
Tools for mobile Linux (TmL)CreationComplete
The Subversive ProjectCreationComplete

December 6, 2006

IDE for LaszloArchiveComplete
Eclipse Community Education Project (ECESIS)ArchiveComplete
Model-to-Model TransformationCreationComplete
Dynamic Languages ToolkitCreationComplete

November 22, 2006

Mobile Tools for Java0.7Complete
The Eclipse on Linux (Linux Distro) ProjectCreationComplete

October 25, 2006

AspectJ Development Tools1.4.1 / 1.5.3Complete

September 27, 2006

The Eclipse Process Framework Project1.0Complete
Target Management / RSE1.0Complete
Model Development ToolsCreationComplete

September 11, 2006

Embedded Rich Client Platform1.0Complete
The Eclipse Orbit ProjectCreationComplete
AspectJ Development ToolsMoveComplete

August 15, 2006

Parallel Tools Platform1.0Complete
Application Lifecycle FrameworkValidationWithdrawn
ECM Rich Client Platform (Apogee)CreationComplete
Aperi Storage Management ProjectCreationComplete

July 27, 2006


July 26, 2006

Lepido, Tools for Apache CocoonCreationComplete

July 19, 2006

Embedded Rich Client PlatformMoveComplete

July 12, 2006

Eclipse Modeling Framework Technology1.0Complete
The DTP Enablement ProjectCreationComplete

June 30, 2006

Graphical Modeling Framework1.0Complete

June 28, 2006

Google Summer of CodeCreationComplete

June 21, 2006

Rich AJAX Platform (RAP)CreationComplete
Enterprise Component FrameworkCreationOngoing

June 7, 2006


May 26, 2006

Eclipse3.2 Callisto ReleaseComplete
Callisto Simultaneous ReleaseUnknownComplete

May 24, 2006


April 19, 2006

VTP - Voice Tools Project1.0Complete

April 5, 2006

Supplement Widgets for SWT (Nebula)CreationComplete

March 8, 2006

Modeling Top-LevelCreationComplete
AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF)CreationComplete
Eclipse PHP Integrated Development EnvironmentCreationComplete
Tools Services Framework (Corona)CreationComplete

January 24, 2006

Native Application Builder (eWideStudio)CreationComplete
Mobile Tools for JavaCreationComplete

December 21, 2005

SOA Tools Top-LevelCreationComplete
Process Framework (Beacon)CreationComplete

December 16, 2005


December 9, 2005

Dash, Tools for CommittersCreationComplete

November 28, 2005


November 16, 2005


November 8, 2005


September 23, 2005

Equinox move to PlatformCreationComplete

August 26, 2005

JavaServer FacesCreationComplete

August 18, 2005

Eclipse Modeling Framework TechnologyCreationComplete

August 12, 2005

IDE for LaszloCreationComplete

August 8, 2005


July 22, 2005


July 21, 2005

EJB3.0-ORM (Dali)CreationComplete

July 15, 2005

Application Lifecycle FrameworkCreationComplete

July 7, 2005

Model Driven Development IntegrationCreationComplete

July 6, 2005


July 5, 2005


June 24, 2005


June 22, 2005


June 17, 2005

Eclipse3.1 ReleaseComplete

June 15, 2005


June 14, 2005


June 11, 2005

Data Tools Top-LevelCreationComplete
Device Software Development Platform Top-LevelCreationComplete

May 23, 2005

Buckminster Component AssemblyCreationComplete

May 9, 2005


April 13, 2005

Graphical Modeling FrameworkCreationComplete

April 11, 2005


April 6, 2005

Higgins, The Trust FrameworkCreationComplete

February 18, 2005

Parallel Tools PlatformCreationComplete

February 17, 2005

Voice Tools ProjectCreationComplete

November 9, 2004

Eclipse Communication FrameworkCreationComplete

November 4, 2004

Embedded Rich Client PlatformCreationComplete

September 30, 2004

Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Top-LevelCreationComplete

June 28, 2004


June 1, 2004

Web Tools Platform Top-LevelCreationComplete

January 3, 2004

Test and Performance Tools Platform Top-LevelCreationComplete
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