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Project Plan For Babel, version 1.0


Babel is a set of tools to make the job of globalizing Eclipse projects easier. We also want to provide ways for people world wide, who are interested, to contribute translations in their language of choice.

Release Deliverables

  • Source code tagged with "R1_0" in CVS repository
  • Babel Language Pack Update Site for Galileo
  • Babel Language Pack Update Site for Ganymede
  • Babel Language Pack Update Site for Europa
  • Babel Language Pack downloadable zips

Table of Contents

Release Milestones


Table of Contents

Target Environments

Babel translations are platform independent. However, they have been tested on the following platforms:
  • Microsoft Windows Vista, x86-32, Win32
  • Microsoft Windows XP, x86-32, Win32
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0, x86-32, GTK


Babel translations are available in the languages supported by Babel. However, participation may vary.

Table of Contents

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