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Project Plan For Stardust, version 0.7.1


Project Stardust provides a fully-fledged BPM platform providing:
  • business processes functinality in Eclipse or alternatively in a browser-based environment,
  • integration functionality for applications, services and UI components,
  • runtime exection of processes
  • browser-based access to BPM functionality via portal applications

This project plan lays out features and schedule for the first release 0.7.1 of project Stardust.

As the Stardust project is based on a large initial code contribution, aside of improving on features, the first release puts great emphasis on the cleanup work and restructuring necessary to adapt the initial code contribution to eclipse requirements in various aspects such as:

  • Cleanup work regarding third-party libraries necessary for clean IP log
  • Fixes and adaptions after package refactoring to org.eclipse.*
  • CI aspects
  • Documentation

Release Deliverables

Stardust release 0.7.1 will deliver the following main components:

  • Modeling plugins to create and debug workflow models from within eclipse.
  • Stardust process engine to execute BPM applications on various java-based runtime environments.
  • Stardust web portals for browser-based execution and monitoring of business processes and associated applications.
  • Browser-based modeler for creating and deploying workflow models directly in browser environments.
  • Reporting component (BIRT based) for runtime monitoring and reporting of BPM applications.
  • Integrated rapid application environment (RAD) for deploying and executing BPM applications in an embedded Tomcat server within the eclipse modeling environment.
  • Documentation

Table of Contents

Release Milestones

The following milestones are planned for Stardust release 0.7.1:
First milestone build provided for community integration
First release candidate.
Scope depending on test results.
Scope depending on test results.
Feature complete and containing all scheduled fixes.
Optional milestone build to address any issues from release review

Table of Contents

Target Environments

Supported Eclipse Platform

Currently the following Eclipse platform is supported:

  • Eclipse Helios Service Release 2 (Eclipse 3.6 SR2, build 20110218-0911)

Supported Portal Platforms

  • Internet Explorer versions 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0
  • Mozilla Firefox versions 3.5, 3.6, 4.0, 14.0
  • Google Chrome versions 10.0, 21

Supported Database Servers

  • Oracle versions 10g, 11g R1 (, 11g R2 (
  • IBM DB2 UDB versions 9.5, 9.7
  • Derby version 10.3
  • MySQL versions 5.0, 5.1
  • Sybase ASE version 15.0
  • SQL Server versions 2005, 2008

Supported Application Servers

  • IBM WebSphere versions 7, 8
  • Oracle WebLogic version 10.3.3
  • JBoss version 5.1
  • Jakarta Tomcat version 6

Supported Java Runtime

  • Oracle Java 6
  • IBM 32 Bit JRE 6.0 (together with WebSphere 7)
  • Oracle JRockit JDK 6.0 (together with 0racle 11g application server)


All Stardust components support full internationalization via resource bundles. The version 0.7.1 shipment contains language bundles in English and German.

Table of Contents

Compatibility with Previous Releases

Not applicable, as this is the first Stardust release.

Table of Contents

Themes and Priorities

The Stardust project is based on a large initial code contribution. Therefore, aside of working on features, the first release puts much emphasis on the cleanup work and restructuring necessary to adapt the initial code contribution to eclipse requirements in various aspects. The focus of this release is to consolidate the content of this initial contribution and release it under EPL with clean IP logs. As changes in response to community feedback still are the smaller part of our total change set, Bugzilla was not yet used as much in release planning as it will be in future releases.

Support for Browser Based Modeling

With this release Stardust provides a browser-based business process modeler. Models created with the Eclipse modeler can be loaded and edited in the new Business Process Modeler and vice versa. This feature is also replacing the former Analyst Perspective in the eclipse based modeler.

Support for Transient Process Instances

This release introduces support for transient processes. Using transient processes provides the following performance enhancements:
  • Optimization for high through-put
  • Optimization for low latency
  • No audit-trail data needs to be persisted

Replacement Functionality for Removed Third Party Libraries

Several third-party libraries have been replaced during the initial code contribution for legal reasons. All usages of these libraries have been replaced by other implementations either relying on legally compliant third party dependencies or reimplementing the corresponding functionality from scratch in a way that does not rely on third party libraries at all.

Table of Contents

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