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Project Plan For Sapphire, version 0.4


This document lays out the plan for Sapphire 0.4 release.

Comments on this plan can be posted on the forum or sent to the mailing list.

Release Deliverables

This release will be delivered via a P2 repository.

Table of Contents

Release Milestones

Final 12/01/2011

Table of Contents

Target Environments

This release will target Eclipse Indigo SR1 as the recommended configuration, but will also be compatible with the original Eclipse Indigo release and Eclipse Helios at all service levels. Sapphire requires Java 5 and has no operating system specific dependencies.

Table of Contents

Compatibility with Previous Releases

Sapphire is evolving quite rapidly. No compatibility guarantees with prior releases are being made. A migration guide will be provided to ease adoption of this release.

Table of Contents

Themes and Priorities


  • Committed

    • Add ability to disable SDEF cache during development [346564] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Eliminate DocumentationProvider annotation in favor of service approach [350340] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Create FactsService [350635] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Support dynamic list of child element types [353252] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Move away from using hints (part 1) [353260] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Implement FactsService for @Deprecated [353261] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Support model element interfaces that do not use 'I' prefix convention [353532] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Consolidate all core services in a single package [354197] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Generalize services infrastructure [354198] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Support content proposals in text field property editor [354199] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Support initial values for properties [354276] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Improve DTD doctype specification in XML binding [355457] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • General improvement of XML root binding API [355751] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Add support for sash metaphor [355768] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Support Eclipse 4.2 [356125] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • PropertyEditorAssistContribution should not depend on SWT or JFace [357712] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Allow creation of custom form editor pages [360362] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Allow subclasses to override default element naming in XML list binding [360371] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • API for cloning a model [360455] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Support definition of XML element names on the model representing the element [361687] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • JavaTypeConstraintService [363551] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Scale Function [364103] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Aggregate Functions [364229] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Need ability to use Sapphire EL for derived value properties [364231] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Standardize the data service pattern with a common base class [364232] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • @DefaultValue should support Sapphire EL [364233] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • @InitialValue should support Sapphire EL [364245] (target milestone: 0.4)
    • Better presentation for read only properties [364252] (target milestone: 0.4)

Table of Contents

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