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Project Plan For Stardust, version Kepler


Project Stardust provides a fully-fledged BPM platform providing:
  • business processes functinality in Eclipse or alternatively in a browser-based environment,
  • integration functionality for applications, services and UI components,
  • runtime exection of processes
  • browser-based access to BPM functionality via portal applications

This project plan lays out features and schedule for the Kepler release of project Stardust.

Release Deliverables

Stardust Kepler will deliver the following main components:

  • Modeling plugins to create and debug workflow models from within eclipse.
  • Stardust process engine to execute BPM applications on various java-based runtime environments.
  • Stardust web portals for browser-based execution and monitoring of business processes and associated applications.
  • Browser-based modeler for creating and deploying workflow models directly in browser environments.
  • Reporting component (BIRT based) for runtime monitoring and reporting of BPM applications.
  • Integrated rapid application environment (RAD) for deploying and executing BPM applications in an embedded Tomcat server within the eclipse modeling environment.
  • Possibility to consume the Stardust runtime as a Maven dependency in build files of consuming projects and to automatically configure runtime deployments by consuming Maven archetypes.
  • Documentation

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Release Milestones

The milestone plan for the Stardust Kepler release will follow the Kepler release schedule:
First integration build
Juno support established. Main platform issues known to date addressed for Kepler.

Table of Contents

Target Environments

Supported Eclipse Platform

Goal is that the Stardust Kepler Release will be compatible with eclipse platform versions Kepler (4.3) as well as Juno (4.2).


All Stardust components support full internationalization via resource bundles. The Kepler version will at least contain language bundles in English and German.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

Stardust Kepler will be able to process workflow models and audit trail databases created with previous Stardust versions. Compatibility may be provided via migration tooling (upgrade jobs). Whether eclipse workspace compatibility will be provided has not been decided yet.

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Themes and Priorities

Aside of working on features, the main priority of this release will be to establish support for the Kepler and Juno platform versions and perform all necessary version upgrades to upstream eclipse plugins and other third party libraries that will be required in the process.

Runtime Platform Upgrades

Some of the supported runtime platforms will be modernized. This will likely include support for:
  • MS SQL Server 2012
  • JBoss Application Server 7.1
  • Tomcat 7

Enhanced Maven Support

  • The Stardust build files will be refactored to fully rely on Maven mechanisms and eliminate other build technologies wherever possible.
  • Consumption of the Stardust engine with its transient dependencies via Maven will be further simplified for consuming projects.
  • Maven archetypes will be provided that allow for automated assembly of Stardust server deployments.

Various Minor Fixes and Enhancements

A considerable part of the effort spent on the Stardsut Kepler release will go into minor fixes and enhancemensts as well as code refactoring. Detail planning to be added.

Table of Contents

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