Photran - An Integrated Development Environment and Refactoring Tool for Fortran

Screenshot of Photran 3.1 Beta 2 Photran is an IDE and refactoring tool for Fortran based on Eclipse and the CDT. Photran 8.2 was released with Eclipse 4.4 (Luna) on June 25, 2014.

Photran 8.2 supports Fortran 77-2008. It includes 39 refactorings (including Rename, Extract Procedure, and loop transformations), as well as the following IDE features:

  • Syntax-highlighting editor
  • Outline view
  • Content assist*
  • Open declaration*
  • Declaration view and hover tips*
  • Fortran language-based searching*
  • Support for CVS & other VCS's**
  • Interactive debugger (gdb GUI)
  • Makefile-based compilation
  • Optional Makefile generation
  • Recognition of error messages from most popular Fortran compilers

* A project must explicitly have analysis support enabled for these features to work. See the Photran documentation for more information.

** CVS is supported in most Eclipse installations. Subversion, Git, and other version control systems are supported via third-party Eclipse plug-ins.

Photran is a component of the Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP).