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Mobile Tools for Java 1.1.x   (MTJ)   New & Noteworthy

This document contains descriptions of some of the more interesting or significant changes made to MTJ for the 1.1.x releases.

MTJ 1.1.2 Release

New Wizard: Exporting Midlet Package

A new wizard for exporting midlet packages that is deployable to devices from project(s) in the workbench is added. This replaces the export menu item.

Export Midlet Package

New Wizard: Export Antenna Buildfiles Wizard

A new wizard for exporting buildfiles for consumption with the Buildfiles wizard.

Export Antenna Buildfiles Wizard

MTJ 1.1.1 Release

Improved Javadoc discovery

MTJ now uses package-list files to discover and match the Javadocs shipped with SDKs to the corresponding libraries contained in the SDKs. This enables the Eclipse code assist to work better with Java ME libraries. In order to get the full benefit of this improvement, it is necessary to recreate the devices that already exists in your workspace.

Code assist for SDK provided libraries

MTJ 1.1 Release

Automatic SDK installation

A new extension point has been introduced to MTJ that enables the automatic installation of SDKs. SDK providers can now use this extension point to introduce their SDKs to MTJ without the need for a manual install. This change also made numerous changes to the Device management UI

New device management pages

New & Noteworth for earlier releases

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