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Mangrove - SOA Modeling Framework

Mangrove is a framework for integrating design and runtime artifacts that are being created or used in different Eclipse editors and runtimes related to SOA. It is a subproject of the SOA top-level project.

The video below illustrates some of the functionality available in Mangrove. A comprehensive tutorial will be posted on this website soon.

New and Noteworthy

A lot of exciting things are in the works for Mangrove, including features related to BPM governance. Stay tuned!

DSL Connectivity through Mangrove was presented at EclipseCON Europe during the SOA Symposium. Slides available soon.

The new Mangrove Editor is almost finished. You can use it to view and edit the contents of your Mangrove instance!

Mangrove was presented at EclipseCON 2010. Check out the Mangrove overview presentation and the overall Eclipse SOA project presentation.

Mangrove on the Web

An interview about Mangrove has been posted on

Eclipse Live Webinar

Bridging SOA Editors in Eclipse STP with the Intermediate Model
This older but still very relevant webinar presents the precursor of Mangrove, the STP Intermediate Model. It starts with an overview of the project and then continues with a practical demonstration of how it can be leveraged when developing SOA elements with several STP editors.

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