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The Eclipse Lyo project focuses on providing an SDK to help the Eclipse community to adopt OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) specifications and build OSLC-compliant tools.

OSLC4J - Java SDK for OSLC - Current Release

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OSLC4J 2.1 SDK with Dependencies

Note: Eclipse/Lyo no longer builds aggregated JAR files for each release. Rather Eclipse/Lyo has more fully embraced Maven in two new ways. First, all Eclipse/Lyo projects are now Maven (not eclipse) projects. In practice that means that the eclipse .classpath, .settings and .project files are no longer stored in the git repositories. Instead eclipse IDE users should load Eclipse/Lyo projects as Maven projects. This will automatically construct the eclipse .classpath, .settings and .projects files from the information in the pom.xml file. This ensures the eclipse build and the maven builds will be in sync, using the same environment and dependencies. It will also display the projects using their artifact ids in the eclipse project explorer. This will hopefully reduce confusion between different names for the same thing.

Second, users of the OSLC4J SDK should use Maven to handle project dependencies. This makes it easier to manage the dependencies, and to build different projects with different versions of OSLC4J SDK in the same SDK. Users who do not wish to use Maven projects can download the JAR files from the MVN Repository.

All downloads are provided under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Public License and the Eclipse Distribution License unless otherwise specified. Newer versions of OSLC4J are now available at MVN Repository.

OSLC4J 2.1 and Eclipse approved versions of prerequisite packages

OSLC4J 2.1 jars only - no prerequisite packages included

Download previous releases here.

If you download OSLC4J without the prerequisites, you'll have to provide compatible versions of these open source packages.

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