What is OMA-DM Simulator?

A visual and interactive simulator for OMA-DM protocol.

OMA-DM protocol is used to remotely manage mobile devices and modules that are used in M2M & mobile solutions.

Koneki delivers a simulator intended to help developers to validate their device management scenarios, especially the ones involving remote firmware upgrades (FUMO).

It has been tested with the Funambol DM server (Open Source) and can be used with any other kind of OMA-DM server.

OMA-DM Simulator is an Open Source tool, licensed under the EPL.


The OMA-DM Simulator User Guide can be accessed directly from the Eclipse Help ("Help > Help Content" menu).

It is also available directly on the Eclipse Wiki, so feel free to contribute to improving it by fixing spelling mistakes, errors, or providing new content!


Add the following repository: http://download.eclipse.org/koneki/releases/stable from the "Help > Install New Software..." menu of your Eclipse 3.7+ workbench, and then check the "OMA-DM Simulator (incubator)" feature.

Alternatively, you can install the simulator using the Eclipse Marketplace.Just drag and drop the following button into your running Eclipse workbench, and the installation will begin!


If you run into trouble while installing or using the OMA-DM simulator, you are encouraged to explain your issue on the Koneki forum.

If you encounter a bug, or want to make the development team aware of a feature request you have, you can open a bug against Koneki/Simulators.

Source code

The git repository of the OMA-DM simulator is accessible here.
Also, feel free to fork the mirror available at github!

New and noteworthy

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