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What's new in Jubula in Photon

Value sets for parameter

To help having more reusable test cases you can now set value sets for parameter. This is for example useful for test case modules which are calling external API in which only specific values are accepted. After you have set a value set, setting a value could only be one of them. Old values are not affected if you change a value set or create one.

Component Name Proposal

It is possible to reduce the amount of component name shown in the component name proposal. One or more object mapping categories can be set for a test cases. This than reduces the component name proposals only to the component names from the selected categories and sub categories.

Todo Teststyle

A new teststyle is available which is searching for specified strings(default #ToDo) in e.g. Test Cases and shows them in the Problems view so you can better Track which things must be done.

Start AUT in AUT configuration dialog

In the AUT configuration dialog there is now the possibility to start your AUT. This is useful to test if your configuration is working.

Extended Search

You can now find out where a given cell in a Central Test Data Set is used even if the ?getCentralTestDataValue function was used.

New actions for SWT TreeTables

SWT Tree Tables now support actions from the Table component as well (e.g. check existence of column, select value from column)

Fixed Bugs for Photon

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