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Greasemonkey scripts (aka user scripts)

JDT UI developers are heavy users of Since we could not stand the increasing number of UI bloopers in Bugzilla, we created the jdtbugzilla.user.js (log) Greasemonkey script to ease our daily pain.

The script always works with the latest release of Firefox, Greasemonkey, and In Chrome, it used to work out of the box until Google decided to break this functionality (in spring 2014). Now, you have to install Tampermonkey in Chrome and reinstall the script from there.

Over time, we also added quick links and tweaks to improve our work experience. The team-specific tweaks are being configured at the top of the script.
After installing the default script, you can override some or all of these settings locally by editing the file <firefox-profile>/gm_scripts/JDT_UI_Bugzilla_Add-On/jdtbugzilla.config.js. Just copy a var xxx= ...; declaration from the script, remove the var, and change the value to suit your needs.

For comments and enhancement requests, please use bug 390332 or file a new bug. If someone from the Bugzilla team wants to talk about the UI bugs, please also file a bug or directly talk to Markus.

Here are some of the improvements in the script (see comments and bug links in the source for full details):

  • clicks all the useless (edit) links
  • makes the Advanced Search page usable without having to scroll (removes garbage and increases option list heights)
  • fixes alternating gray/white background for enhancements in buglist.cgi (classic skin)
  • removes headers to save space
  • adds a fixed "Bug <id>: <summary>" header on top for easy triple-click, copy, paste
    hint: the link is in the short<id> form
  • adds quick links for frequently used CCs, Assignees, Products, Components, Resolutions, Target Milestones, Git repositories, etc.
  • adds bug category combos (to insert "[work area]" prefixes into summary)
  • fixes various layout bugs on show_bug.cgi
  • renders Assignee next to Reporter
  • moves the Status fields to a useful position (between Target Milestone and Assignee in the settings block)
  • fixes attachment links (click on attachment predictably opens the attachment -- separate [diff] link opens patch viewer)
  • makes the security group checkboxes less likely to be clicked inadvertently (only checkbox is clickable; label is not)
  • offers two links for email addresses: simple for pasting as CC / with full name to use as Git author
  • adds easy-to-copy bug <id> comment <no> text
  • adds more Save Changes buttons
  • fixes wrapping-preview in Additional Comments field
  • adds "Clone This Bug (in <originating project>)" link

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