Scenarios for finding leaks in M6

The following are the scenarios that have been checked for leaks. The method used to check for leaks was to execute the scenario in question, then manually look for leaking objects with a heap analysis tool.


checked all views contributed by ZRH. The scenario was:

The following views have been checked: Package Navigator, Type Hierarchy, Projects, Packages, Types, Members, Call Hierarchy, Declaration, Javadoc, Search.


The three perspectives Java, Java Browsing and Type Hierarchy have been checked with the following Scenario

Smoke Test

Followed the JDT Smoke Test up to (but not including) the editing section, inspecting the heap after each step. Additionally, the following sections where checked for leaks:


Opened and closed CompilationUnitEditor, ClassFileEditor and TextEditor and check that the editor instances went away.


Checked the following refactorings: Rename, Move, Inline, Extract method, Generalize Type. Checked that no TextChanges stick around and that the preview editor goes away.


We also ran Eclipse in normal development for a day and inspected a heap dump afterwards.