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Hudson-CI Server Downloads

All Eclipse downloads are provided under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement unless otherwise specified.

Latest Production Release: Hudson 3.3.3 Production

For Production use, Hudson 3.3.3 from the Eclipse Foundation is now available. This WAR file is suitable for any O/S. We recommend that users of prior versions of Hudson 3 upgrade to this release to further enhance the security of their Hudson environment.
For more information about installing and running Hudson:

Choose a Distribution [Read about the Available Distributions]

  • WAR File (generic distribution) (31 MiB)

Read the change log here.

Important Information About Hudson 3.0.n + Releases

Starting with the 3.3.0 release, Hudson is built against Java 7 and no longer supports running Hudson itself on Java 5 or 6. You can of course still use Hudson to manage jobs that compile against these earlier versions though.
This release has been verified against the following servers

  • Jetty 9 (Packaged in the Hudson WAR)
  • JBoss 8.2
  • Glassfish 4.1
  • Tomcat 7
  • Tomcat 8

Additional Distributions

The WAR file is supplimented by several alternative distributions which are distributed externally from Eclipse (wondering why?)

O/S specific install bundles for:

  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Oracle Linux
  • Redhat / Fedora
  • CentOS
  • OpenSUSE

These alternative packaged distributions are available from

If You Can't Use Java 7

Versions of Hudson from 3.3.0 onwards mandate the use of at least Java 7 as a runtime environment. If you are unable to migrate to a Java 7 based environment, then Hudson 3.2.2 is the last version of Hudson to support running on the Java 6 platform. We do recommend, however, that you make plans to migrate to Java 7 or 8 as soon as you can.

Hudson 3.2.2 Distribution For Java 5 or Java 6 Platform

  • WAR File (generic distribution) (29 MiB)

Older Eclipse Releases

The following 3.n releases are all under EPL

Non-Eclipse Versions of Hudson

Versions of Hudson (MIT Licensed) prior to 3.0.0 are no longer generally available, as full IP provenance is unclear in those versions. If you require access to an old version of Hudson prior to 3.0.0 please drop an email to the Hudson Developer List with your request.

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