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Hudson CI Server Releases - Change Log

This page lists the enhancements, bug-fixes and other changes relating to each Hudson release

Hudson 3.3.3.

Hudson 3.3.3 is a security patch-set release with no new features. Please report any issues at

Security Fixes

Hudson CLI Lockdown

The use of the Hudson Command line Interface is now disabled by default and we recommend that it not be re-enabled unless Hudson is running inside of a controlled environment.
An option is available on the main Hudson settings screen to explicitly enable the CLI should it be required.

Bug Fixes

The following issues track this security feature.

  • Bug 483533 - Add security advisory to the Hudson CLI screen
  • Bug 483532 - Lock down the Hudson CLI by default

Hudson 3.3.2.

Hudson 3.3.2 is a security related patch-set release with no new features. Please report any issues at

Security Fixes

CVE-2015-8031 - Hudson XML External Entity Injection

This patch addresses a critical vulnerability within the Hudson XML API which allows remote access to potentially sensitive information on the filesystem of the Hudson master server. This vulnerability exists in all versions of Hudson prior to this 3.3.2 release and as such we recommend that users of Hudson adopt this patch as soon as possible.


The Hudson team would like to thank Luca Carettoni, Fabian Beterke and Tushar Dalvi from LinkedIn for their work in uncovering and reporting this vulnerability.

Bug Fixes

Whilst rolling this security patch we took the opportunity to address some minor issues that have been reported on 3.3.1 at the same time.

  • Bug 479681 - Ant not executing on slave (specifically Linux)
  • Bug 480396 - Maven configuration page is unusable with Hudson 3.3.1
  • Bug 480529 - Console does not scroll to the bottom of the log (3.3.1)

Hudson 3.3.1.

Hudson 3.3.1 is a patch-set release with no new features. Please report any issues at

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 456954 - Undeploy/deploy Hudson WAR leaks Tomcat PermGen
  • Bug 407348 - httpListenAddress parameter is not honored
  • Bug 427509 - Build trigger not saved in upstream job
  • Bug 455838 - hudson.FilePathTest error on Windows 7
  • Bug 462021 - Multi-configuration job does not show proper job statuses
  • Bug 472217 - Proxy settings not saved
  • Bug 474212 - Role Strategy Plugin does not work with Hudson 3.3.0
  • Bug 474329 - After 3.2.2 migration to 3.3.0 CannotResolveClassException hudson.plugins.active_directory.ActiveDirectorySecurityRealm
  • Bug 475233 - Hudson places an X-UA-Compatible meta element at the BOF
  • Bug 476391 - Hudson Test Case failures due to multiple loading and multiple registration of plugin classes
  • Bug 477866 - Tool settings in the Hudson configuration page is not saved

Hudson 3.3.0.

Hudson 3.3.0 is a major release which upgrades the baseline Java requirement to run Hudson to at least Java 7. As part of this upgrade we have also refreshed some of our libraries, such as Apache Commons file upload. Because of these library changes, many plugins have been revised and the release uses a separate Plugin Center. Please report any issues at

Dependency and Library Changes

  • Bug 457805 - Upgrade Hudson baseline Java version to 7
  • Bug 459703 - Certify JDK 7 and 8, drop support for JDK 6 (and JDK 5)
  • Bug 445030 - Upgrade commons-fileupload to 1.3.1
  • Bug 445029 - Upgrade to Xalan 2.7.2
  • Bug 444314 - Upgrade to XStream v. 1.4.7 to fix Hudson not compatible with Azul Systems Open JDK

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 471476 - Lists of Build Executor Status and Build Queue disappear after a few seconds
  • Bug 471474 - When “More…” is clicked from the Build History area, all the existing builds will be displayed twice
  • Bug 471471 - Triggering a delayed build prevents any new builds for other jobs from running
  • Bug 460866 - SCM polling appears to hang Hudson
  • Bug 467144 - Dynamically created slaves don't belong to any team
  • Bug 434000 - WorkspaceCleanupThread removes workspace directories of the concurrent builds of a job before the builds complete
  • Bug 458304 - Hudson CLI login doesnt work with PAM Authentication
  • Bug 462865 - 'Tag this build' missing when using Team-based authentication
  • Bug 465870 - Create new Plugin Central for Hudson 3.3.0
  • Bug 465703 - Hudson 3.3.0 will require initial setup to be turned on
  • Bug 459811 - DNS Multicast should be disabled by default
  • Bug 386082 - Add the ability to disable a builder
  • Bug 414876 - Add the ability to add a description to each build step
  • Bug 444000 - Main hudson font looks bad on Chrome 37
  • Bug 445386 - Disable jmDNS multi-cast
  • Bug 446360 - Upgrade Bundled Jetty to v9.x
  • Bug 460095 - [MAC OS X] JDK 1.8 causes NoSuchMethodException: java.lang.UNIXProcess.destroyProcess(int)
  • Bug 463269 - Remove the Classic Plugin Manager from the Web UI
  • Bug 467293 - Job configuration not saved after upgrading to XStream 1.4.8

Hudson 3.2.2.

Hudson 3.2.2 is a patch-set release with no new features. Several of these bugs relate to security vulnerabilities and as such, we recommend the upgrade to all Hudson users. Please report any issues at

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 445412 - Icon color exception in hudson.log.
  • Bug 438894 - [Cascade] Continuous SCM polling when trigger configuration is done in cascading parent
  • Bug 445084 - Error in matrix filter result in HTTP error 500 and job cannot be saved anymore
  • Bug 447041 - Subversion plugin doesn't store credentials the way it should be.
  • Bug 457113 - [Cascade] Unnecessary calls of
  • Bug 457650 - [Cascade] Overriding SCM Poll or Timer Trigger value of a Cascading child does not work without restarting Hudson
  • Bug 457654 - [Cascade] Newly created cascading job does not inherit triggers from parent without restart
  • Bug 422831 - cc.xml only knows "unknown" and "failure"
  • Bug 443880 - Hundreds of warning messages per minute being logged from hudson.util.RobustReflectionConverter
  • Bug 443944 - Renamed job leaves artifacts which prevents system from starting
  • Bug 452191 - Job should not be deleted when git polling is running, and vice-versa
  • Bug 452400 - Flaky ItemListener can leave job in half-deleted state
  • Bug 454261 - Performance issue with LOGGER.debug in SidACL
  • Bug 412421 - List of changes in a build has nonsense change-numbers (mercurial as SCM)
  • Bug 423108 - Remember Password does not work
  • Bug 445550 - Incomplete loading of Hudson dashboard page
  • Bug 447448 - Hudson JNLP Slave launching blocked with JDK 7_45 and above
  • Bug 453946 - All slaves are initially checked for Multi-configuration jobs
  • Bug 447469 - [Security] Disable SSL3 in Jetty Container to avoid poodle vulnerability
  • Bug 454550 - [Security] A deleted user can still run commands and is not removed from matrix security
  • Bug 454554 - [Security] Add header X-Frame-Options=sameorigin to prevent clickjacking vulnerability
  • Bug 454948 - [Security] Directory traversal vulnerability
  • Bug 454950 - [Security] XSS vulnerability
  • Bug 456244 - hudson/security/FederatedLoginService/UnclaimedIdentityException/error.jelly produces wrong message
  • Bug 458312 -[Security] XML External Entity Injection vulnerability

Hudson 3.2.1.

Hudson 3.2.1 contains a small number of bug fixes (listed below) and no new features. Please report any issues at

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 442020 - Unable to edit multijob configuration after update to 3.2.0
  • Bug 442067 - Hudson fails to start with Recursive load error after upgrade to Hudson 3.2.0
  • Bug 443742 - Promotion plugin not running promoted job after upgrading to 3.2.0

Hudson 3.2.0.

Hudson 3.2.0 is a major Hudson release which uplifts the Spring Framework version used in the Hudson core. This set of dependency changes has resulted in significant changes to the IP log and may cause problems with some, more obscure, plug-ins. Please report any issues at

New Features

  1. Upgrade to Spring 3.1.2. As well as keeping us current, this change has allowed Hudson to adopt an up to date version of Spring security improving the overall secureness of the server.
  2. Improvements to Team Concept. The team concept feature was introduced in 3.1.0 of Hudson. This release builds on our experience of using that feature in the real world and adds several enhancements and bug fixes in this area.
    Note: If you use the capability within Team Concept to allocate a specific slave node to a team and you are running said node on Windows as a service, then you will need to remove and re-create the Windows Node if it was created by an earlier version of Hudson. This is because the launching command embedded into the service definition now includes the team information and this will be missing if the service was defined before the Team Concept feature was available.

Bug Fixes and Enhancement Details

  • Bug 441102 - [Team concept] Team matrix jobs get stuck waiting for executor
  • Bug 440682 - "Keep this build forever" and "delete this build" buttons do not display when using Teams and user is not sysadmin
  • Bug 440003 - Change Hudson Project Link on UI Pages to point to Eclipse
  • Bug 439801 - Public Nodes visible to teams are not enabled by default
  • Bug 439300 - Selecting "Subversion Workspace Version" 1.7 checks-out workspace as 1.8
  • Bug 439273 - Remove links to old Hudson wiki from UI help topics
  • Bug 439198 - Dead link in help topic for Use SSL in E-mail notification configuration
  • Bug 438400 - 1.8 Is not a permitted Subversion Workspace Version in manage hudson
  • Bug 438084 - [Team Concept] Master not utilized even when enabled for a team
  • Bug 437311 - [Team jobs] Public jobs should not be tied to any node other than master
  • Bug 437310 - [Team Concept] Team slave visible to teams that do not have permission to view/share slave in Job Configuration
  • Bug 437307 - [Team Concept] Clicking on script console for a team slave results in exception
  • Bug 437297 - [Team Concept] Team user with configure view/node permission is unable to configure view/node
  • Bug 437232 - [Team Concept]: Add ability to configure views per team
  • Bug 437224 - Link to download hudson-cli.jar downloads _hudson-cli.jar instead
  • Bug 437221 - Exception configuring security first time
  • Bug 437078 - [Team Concept] Node shared by another team must be explicitly approved by team Admin to build job from that team
  • Bug 436873 - [Team Concept] Master not visible to all teams
  • Bug 436868 - [Team Concept] Cannot delete team with jobs which have a large number of builds
  • Bug 436731 - [Team Concept] Manage Views/Nodes in team management page does not display anything when team admin manages multiple teams
  • Bug 436721 - [Team Concept] Cannot set default view for a team only the whole of Hudson
  • Bug 436713 - [Team Concept] User with node configure permission cannot mark the node offline
  • Bug 436712 - Hudson own user database sign up does not ignore white space from usernames
  • Bug 436684 - [Team Concept] Users who are system administrators should have a ui hint they are a super user
  • Bug 436654 - [Team Concept] Renaming a team view/node removes the view/node
  • Bug 436621 - [Team Concept] 404 when clicking on Master node
  • Bug 436620 - [Team Concept] Cannot launch slave created as a team node
  • Bug 436618 - [Team Concept] Team user/admin with configure node permission cannot configure/delete a slave
  • Bug 436518 - [Team Concept] Team slave is accessible using URL
  • Bug 436517 - [Team Concept] SysAdmin could mistakenly tie a team job to a node not visible to team
  • Bug 436507 - [Team Concept] Only sysadmin can create a job
  • Bug 436500 - [Team Concept] Private "My View" created by team member appears in the team's Views tab
  • Bug 436493 - [Team Concept] User with node create permission has no way to create a new node
  • Bug 436492 - [Team Concept] Remove the Debug Stack trace
  • Bug 436475 - [Team Cnocept] Cannot save matrix security or job based matrix security settings get a 500 error
  • Bug 436270 - [Performance] Hudson Initialization loads all the builds in jobs
  • Bug 436269 - [Performance] Switching/creating views with a large number of jobs is slow
  • Bug 436268 - [Performance] Logrotator loads all builds of jobs twice
  • Bug 435876 - Improve messages logging for slave nodes
  • Bug 435853 - Job page should not show a workspace link unless there is a workspace
  • Bug 434686 - 3.2.0: Server fails to start with existing Hudson home with security enabled
  • Bug 434515 - Plugin central should have an obsolete status so users can be advised during initial setup
  • Bug 434460 - 3.2.0: webapp not updated in hudson home when starting server with an older hudson home
  • Bug 434459 - 3.2.0: Server fails to start with hudson home from 3.1.2 using team authorization
  • Bug 434445 - Better presentation needed for sparse matrix build results
  • Bug 433930 - SPRING3: Upgraded Favorite plugin installs but the favorite filter does not work in a view
  • Bug 433488 - SCM Post-commit notification should not require authentication
  • Bug 433454 - role-strategy: Project roles are not working
  • Bug 433353 - Hudson Plugin Center does not show warning icon if a plugin was failed to load
  • Bug 433202 - Copy artifact fails to load.
  • Bug 432530 - RFC: Slave Ownership
  • Bug 431724 - Anonymous access to securityManager
  • Bug 431644 - [Spring 3.x] Creating a new job throws exceptions when logged in via ldap
  • Bug 430803 - While uploading a plugin dependencies of the uploaded plugins are not installed
  • Bug 430544 - "More" doesn't work
  • Bug 430537 - Test result extremely slow to display with large test
  • Bug 430314 - Hudson URL: Everything after host and port is ignored in a custom Hudson URL
  • Bug 430085 - [Cascading] Trigger build remotely is broken after upgrading to 3.1.2
  • Bug 429255 - Update maven-hpi-plugin to use Hudson 3.1.x for proper JDK 7 support
  • Bug 426705 - JOB_URL wrong if hudson runs behinds Apache
  • Bug 426681 - Hudson buildWithParameters rest api returns success for disabled job
  • Bug 426205 - Nested View plugin: Views can not be managed on team based security
  • Bug 422697 - runmap.xml not updated when job configuration is modified to not retain older builds
  • Bug 421939 - Link more in build history doesn't work
  • Bug 421233 - Upgrade support to Subversion 1.8 by using svnkit 1.8.0
  • Bug 419562 - threads deadlocked on hudson.model.Job.getCascadingProject(
  • Bug 416178 - New Plugin Center does not display warning about newer parent version
  • Bug 416025 - Team Concept: Add ability to configure slaves per team - and disable in job config
  • Bug 411044 - Team Concept: Moving jobs between teams does not refresh the Manage Team Jobs page
  • Bug 410363 - Git plugin push notification
  • Bug 405684 - Hudson security doesn't save jnlp port settings
  • Bug 390848 - Plugin under development is not listed in the new plugin manager
  • Bug 390382 - Upgrade spring-beans to a newer version (3.1.2)
  • Bug 368350 - Git holds open files on disk so they cannot be erased

Hudson 3.1.2.

Hudson 3.1.2 is a small bug-fix release on top of Hudson 3.1.1, and adds no new features or dependencies.

Bug Fix Details

  • Bug 424957 - Add external control for 3.1 cache purge interval
  • Bug 425948 - Often concurrent job building finishes with the error, the Workspace does not exist
  • Bug 426475 - Cannot create new maven 2/3 job
  • Bug 425187 - [Cascading] Polling Log page no longer works with cascading jobs (Hudson 3.1.1)
  • Bug 424012 - 3.1.1 LOADING overlay stays active on config page
  • Bug 425441 - [Cascading] Empty builders list written out to child jobs when restarting Hudson with cascading jobs
  • Bug 425459 - Saving job configuration fails when setting Maven 3 dependencies build property
  • Bug 425639 - Add job configuration view permission to Team permissions set
  • Bug 424967 - [Cascading] after upgrade from 2.2 to 3.1.1, unable to run jobs with parameterised cascading parent
  • Bug 425202 - [Cascading] Child jobs "forget" inherited configuration elements after update to 3.1.1

Hudson 3.1.1 Production.

Hudson 3.1.1 is a bug-fix release on top of Hudson 3.1.0, and adds no new features or dependencies.

Bug Fix Details

  • Bug 414867 - Add ability to copy teams
  • Bug 420625 - Exception with External job / Team management
  • Bug 414953 - [cascading] Renaming a cascading parent job does not update references in the children
  • Bug 420335 - Join plugin causes exception
  • Bug 407684 - Editing a multi-configuration job adds additional labels to configuration
  • Bug 418718 - REST: Creating job with REST by team member creates a team job without the team qualifier in the job name
  • Bug 420532 - Length of job name is not checked when renaming a job
  • Bug 420534 - CLI: Job name length is not validated
  • Bug 422279 - Cannot rename a public job
  • Bug 421272 - [Cascading] Allow parent to be deleted when all cascading children are deleted
  • Bug 401690 - Aborted and disabled projects are represented by the same gray circle
  • Bug 399069 - [Cascading] Problem with saving project changes with cascading feature
  • Bug 422613 - Live lock in<init>(
  • Bug 421671 - XML API picks team at random for non sys admin jobs
  • Bug 421672 - Team concept not supported in XML APIs
  • Bug 390895 - [Cascading] Support cascading of all or most job configuration options
  • Bug 390900 - [Cascading] Revert button not displayed on overridden JDK property
  • Bug 378810 - NullPointer exception when running matrix job with file parameter
  • Bug 396275 - Matrix jobs don't support concurrent execution
  • Bug 418652 - Error while starting client on HP-UX B 11.31 (ia64) OS: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: jnidispatch (/com/sun/jna/hp-ux-ia64n/ not found in resource path at com.sun.jna.Native.loadNativeLibraryFromJar(
  • Bug 390862 - [Cascading] Can't delete job copied from cascading parent
  • Bug 406889 - [Cascading] Non overridden job properties or properties with no values should not be written to config.xml
  • Bug 422041 - [Cascading] Inherited build parameter is reverted to original value after restart
  • Bug 422275 - [cascading] Performance problem with hasCyclicCascadingLink() and LDAP security
  • Bug 420832 - Promoted builds plugin does not show badges
  • Bug 418969 - <td> tag in description breaks page formatting
  • Bug 419775 - Hudson log no longer shows build completed status or build aborted messages
  • Bug 420426 - Too long job name throws exception
  • Bug 420686 - Team names should allow _ and - characters
  • Bug 410242 - [Cascading] Inherited Trigger settings don't cascade when changed, require Hudson restart
  • Bug 402679 - Test Result trend graph is completely blue, doesn't display failed tests
  • Bug 414463 - Multi-configuration child jobs tied to particular slaves do not show up in "Jobs tied to <slave>" list
  • Bug 418645 - Hudson disk-plugin is half-broken (does not display the size in job page) after upgrade to 3.1.0

Hudson 3.1.0.

Hudson 3.1.0 is a major release which introduces two key new features. This release is not yet production but is available for user testing. Please report any issues at

New Features

  1. Team Concept. This new feature adds support for team based authentication and authorization model within Hudson. For a basic introduction head over to the Hudson Blog
  2. Memory Management Changes. Hudson has received a major overhaul in the way that it manages the lists of Jobs and Builds that it maintains when it is running. This can lead to significant savings in heap usage from between 50% - 75% for a moderately complex build environment

Release Notes

Security Advisory

There is a possibility of cookie theft if a user uses the "Remember Me" functionality of Hudson when logging on if (and only if) Hudson is running in HTTP mode. In this situation it would be possible for a hacker on your local network to monitor the network traffic to your machine and extract the cookie that is used for the Remember Me feature. This cookie can then be used to impersonate that user until it expires. To avoid this risk we recommend that

  1. You don't use the Remember Me function when logging on, (in any case, this function should only ever be used when access to the machine in question is secured and not shared) and / or
  2. Run Hudson in HTTPS mode
For information on running Hudson standalone with Jetty in HTTPS mode see the Wiki Page on Starting and Accessing Hudson which details the command line parameters to enable HTTPS mode.

Bug Fixes and Enhancement Details

  • Bug 382490 - Installing JNLP Slave as windows service fails
  • Bug 383280 - Hudson should write a partial build.xml so jobs interrupted by a restart are visible.
  • Bug 402338 - /api/schema URL on Hudson returns NoClassDefFoundError
  • Bug 404822 - Upgrade guava to 12.0 or 13.0.1
  • Bug 412720 - Team Concept: If a user is admin in two or more teams he only can manage one team in his manage team view
  • Bug 384554 - Hudson with many jobs takes very long time to start
  • Bug 375475 - Group administration user interface
  • Bug 376917 - Maven 3.0.4 is not supported
  • Bug 387431 - Per job rename/delete permission
  • Bug 392254 - Allow jobs to be grouped hierarchically
  • Bug 400722 - LDAP group query cannot be overridden
  • Bug 400981 - JNA Native Support Plugin breaks slave jobs
  • Bug 404101 - Bundled releases should behave like ordinary releases by default
  • Bug 405680 - Hudson slaves execute native commands via Ant instead of JNA
  • Bug 406601 - Add support for Multi-tenancy/Team Concept in Hudson
  • Bug 407132 - Team Concept: Build job names should be unique within a Team only.
  • Bug 407133 - Team Concept: While migrating handle all existing job as Global jobs and read only
  • Bug 409881 - When Hudson run in JDK 7 plugins won't build in it
  • Bug 411537 - 3.0.1 parent still uses maven-hpi-plugin:3.0.1
  • Bug 412722 - Team Concept: Jobs dont show up in view for sysadmin
  • Bug 413554 - Team Concept: Sidebar in Job page is not updated when Build Now clicked
  • Bug 414176 - Performance: Hudson fails to load Legacy maven jobs with sub modules
  • Bug 366134 - Redirect Embedded Security WIKI link in help to Eclipse
  • Bug 411710 - Team Concept: Deleting a team with jobs does not make the jobs public
  • Bug 413085 - Team Concept: Jobs can be moved into a team more than once
  • Bug 413367 - Team Concept: Provide a way to find the teams that a member belongs to
  • Bug 414603 - Team Concept: CLI: Copy job to a new team fails with NPE
  • Bug 414846 - Can't delete job
  • Bug 415001 - Build Name and Description Not Shown in Build History
  • Bug 415087 - Team Concept: Mixed case user names do not work correctly with teams
  • Bug 415103 - create-job CLI command with no parameters throws NPE
  • Bug 415173 - Team Concept/CLI: Team name is not validated when creating team using CLI command create-team
  • Bug 415242 - Team Concept: CLI: create-job throws NPE
  • Bug 415270 - Team Concept: CLI: create-job fails when trying to create a job in a team when the job name matches the name of a public job
  • Bug 415357 - Deleting team with a job whose unqualified name is same as public job throws IllegalArgumentException
  • Bug 415386 - CLI: update-job throws exception when run without any parameters
  • Bug 415387 - Team Concept: CLI: create-job/copy-job should not allow period names
  • Bug 407926 - Typo on Manage Hudson page, "Configure Authentication and Authorization *Stretegy* ..."
  • Bug 409430 - Team: Cannot add jobs to a view/cannot view job details for jobs in a view
  • Bug 410381 - Team Concept: Clicking on Move Jobs button fails in IE 8 & IE 9
  • Bug 410382 - Team Concept: Move job fails on Windows
  • Bug 410383 - Team Concept: Error message cannot be viewed without scrolling when move jobs fails
  • Bug 410540 - Team Concept: LDAP roles/groups: LDAP user who is part of a role which is added to a team is unable to see team jobs
  • Bug 410631 - Team Concept: Renaming a job associated with a team makes the job visible only to sysadmin user
  • Bug 410845 - Migrating server from 3.0.1 to 3.1.0 fails with NPE
  • Bug 410851 - Team Concept: Shared job: Cannot copy from team job/cannot copy from a shared job
  • Bug 410854 - Team Concept: Manage teams UI on Windows 7 is incorrect
  • Bug 410855 - Team Concept: Team job details are not accessible when switching from team authorization to no authorization
  • Bug 411044 - Team Concept: Moving jobs between teams does not refresh the Manage Team Jobs page
  • Bug 411707 - Team Concept: Mange teams page UI design changes
  • Bug 412237 - Team Concept: Manage Teams: Job status icon is not displayed for team jobs
  • Bug 412242 - Team Concept: Error message when adding a team name cannot be viewed without scrolling
  • Bug 412243 - Team Concept: New team: Previous details including error message are displayed
  • Bug 412695 - Team Concept: Cannot build job from command line
  • Bug 412696 - Team Concept: Hudson local database: Cannot login from the command line
  • Bug 413015 - Team Concept: Add New Team dialog is not scaled correctly and has scrollbars
  • Bug 413184 - Team Concept: Server fails to start with NPE after moving a parent job to a new team
  • Bug 413185 - Team Concept: Team jobs are public by default
  • Bug 413274 - Team Concept: Member of multiple teams: Job permissions can conflict

Hudson 3.0.1 Production.

Hudson 3.0.1 is mainly a bug-fix release on top of Hudson 3.0.0, as well as the changes here in Hudson Core, many plug-ins have been fixed up to work correctly with Hudson 3.0.

New Features

  1. New Core property: Privacy Message. This optional text will be printed in the footer of every page of the Web UI. It is intended as a place where admins can advertise the relevant privacy, confidentiality or copyright statements that may be reqired for the site. This String value can contain markup for formatting and links if required. The value is configured on the main configuration screen
  2. New Core property: Instance Tag. This optional text will be printed in the header, footer and window title of every page of the Web UI. It allows admins who have several Hudson instances to manage to identify which instance they are working with at a glance, e.g. "Production", "Sandbox" etc. The tag used is an arbitrary String value and it is recommended that you keep the value short so that it can be fully displayed in the available space. Markup is ignored in this property. The value is configured on the main configuration screen
  3. Green balls are now the default for a successful build rather than blue. You can revert to using a blue ball via an option in the main configuration screen (if you really want to!). Red balls are still red.
  4. New Hudson Branding Bar. The footer of each page carries a branding bar containing the text Powered by Hudson Open Source Continuous Integration Server from the Eclipse Foundation

Bug Fixes and Enhancement Details

  • Bug 388134 - HudsonTestCase#recipeLoadCurrentPlugin() fails to load current plugin
  • Bug 389581 - Could not compile custom Hudson plugin in Java 1.7
  • Bug 399342 - Using ${project.parent.version} in hudson-plugin-parent makes multi-level poms misbehave
  • Bug 397964 - Highlighted item on Job Copy drop down list has poor color combination
  • Bug 401754 - Need a way to identify Hudson Instance on all releases
  • Bug 401827 - Mentions of old email lists should be updated to Eclipse dev list
  • Bug 401901 - Help for Hudson Search function needs to be pointed to Eclipse WIKI
  • Bug 402138 - Python API references need to be removed from /api screen
  • Bug 402428 - Changes to implement instance labeling and privacy message break translation plugin
  • Bug 398310 - HUDSON_BUILDS variable makes a mess
  • Bug 388589 - Cannot determine Hudson-Version from project dependencies when building 3.0.0 Plugin
  • Bug 393709 - System configuration never loads
  • Bug 395879 - thread deadlock
  • Bug 398313 - Launching Hudson with --daemon doesn't put it in background anymore
  • Bug 398315 - init.groovy doesn't work anymore
  • Bug 399218 - Use a green ball for successful test runs instead of a blue ball
  • Bug 399405 - Test Result Trend Graph doesn't display Failed tests
  • Bug 399631 - Passwordless Emails Fail
  • Bug 401134 - Fix the confusion between project and job nomenclature in Hudson
  • Bug 401683 - After renaming node references from all jobs are lost to this node
  • Bug 402965 - Markup Formatters do not load in Hudson 3.0
  • Bug 403703 - HudsonTestCase breaks subclasses in plugins that depend on other plugins
  • Bug 403732 - Job Health is not correctly reported in 3.0.1 candidate

Hudson 3.0.0 Production

New Features / Changes

  1. Unlike the release candidates administrators have the ability to install and use Hudson without having to initially load pre-requisite plugins. These plugins are now marked as recommended but are not required. We do, however, strongly recommend that you install the suggested plugins in order to achieve the full value from your Hudson server.

Hudson 3.0.0 Release Candidate

New Features / Changes

  1. Minor UI Tweaks to improve the Eclipse Branding match
  2. Further changes to the update manager and initial install setup UIs in response to community feedback

Specific Issues Addressed

  1. Bug 369065 - All Automatic JDK installation options are disabled
  2. Bug 371199 - jUnit graph no longer link to testing result.
  3. Bug 371200 - Background grid on the chart on the load statistics page doesn't scale to short and medium well
  4. Bug 371625 - Fine logging shows job success issue
  5. Bug 382490 - Installing JNLP Slave as windows service fails (Risky fix, so disabled the feature for now)
  6. Bug 382686 - Configure link shows up for a job even when user does not have privileges to configure the job.
  7. Bug 382033 - On windows sometimes a plugin will error downloading during Initial Setup
  8. Bug 388542 - Remove unwanted library jaxb-impl-2.2.5.jar from core distribution
  9. Bug 388295 - Delete job with no builds in 3.0.0-RC2 causes hudson to stall
  10. Bug 392423 - Icon paths do not add the prefix when resolved so missing icons
  11. Bug 392580 - 404 error deleting a job if you are using --prefix argument

Hudson 3.0.0 Milestone 4

New Features / Changes

  1. Finalization of all shipped libraries in line with those approved through the Eclipse IP Process
  2. Updated plug-in Manager pages providing an improved management experience for your plug-ins

Hudson 3.0.0 Milestone 3

New Features / Changes

  1. More IP and Library Cleanup
  2. New Initial setup screen to help you to configure the instance and it's plugins on first run. You can read more in the WIKI
  3. Provision to provide alternate update site via command line. You can now pass the ----updateServer=<your Update Server> parameter as a command line argument to configure a custom update center
  4. Hudson Security Setup is separated out of Global configuration page in to its own configuration page accessed via a link in the management page

Known Issues

The M3 release has some issues which are not show-stoppers but which you should be aware of:

  1. BugZilla 382522: PAM security will not allow users to authenticate after upgrade
  2. BugZilla 382490: Installing JNLP Slave as windows service fails
  3. BugZilla 382033: Windows configuration issues with Initial Setup
  4. BugZilla 382500: Testing PAM authentication fails

Hudson 3.0.0 Milestone 2

This Eclipse release has been concentrating on further library clean up, both in terms of the number of libraries used and the versions...

  1. Externalize Groovy into a separate plugin for IP reasons
  2. Rewrite of Hudson security to remove Groovy dependency
  3. Hudson fork of Stapler and Jelly now used by Core
  4. jsr305-1.3.9.jar dependency removed
  5. joda-time.1.5.1.jar dependency removed
  6. jcaptcha plugin removed from Core distro
  7. jfreechart plugin removed from Core distro and replaced with BIRT

Hudson 3.0.0 Milestone 1

This Eclipse release has been concentrating on further library clean up, both in terms of the number of libraries used and the versions...

  1. access-modifer-annotation-1.0.jar dependency removed
  2. bridge-annotation-method-1.4.jar dependency removed
  3. crypto-util-1.0.jar dependency removed
  4. embedded_su4j-1.1,jar dependency removed
  5. logkit-2.0.jar dependency removed
  6. Stapler downgraded to version 1.155 and forked into the Eclipse codebase
  7. Stapler-groovy downgraded to version 1.155 and forked into the Eclipse codebase
  8. Stapler-jelly downgraded to version 1.155 and forked into the Eclipse codebase

Hudson 3.0.0 Milestone 0

This Eclipse release has been a huge task with a large amount of re-factoring, IP work and library upgrades. Here's a summary..

  1. Remove all the dependency on GPL/LGPL libraries
  2. Apply for IP approval for individual components of Hudson code base
  3. Apply IP approval for external JavaScript libraries bundled with Hudson
  4. Use latest Original libraries rather than the original "Hudson special" patched versions
  5. New Eclipse look and feel for the branding
  6. Replacing the use of LGPL licensed JFreechart with Eclipse BIRT charts
  7. Replacing the original Winstone server with Jetty
  8. Check-in all Hudson code base to Eclipse git
  9. Start continuous builds at Eclipse Hudson
  10. Stabilize the code base after several library and technology changes arise due to IP review process
  11. QA certify the product before M0 release
  12. Manage the IP process for external Java libraries bundled with Hudson (Some are still pending)
  13. Manage the IP process for build and test libraries used to build and test Hudson (Pending)
  14. All the work on the website and the Eclipse wiki

Furture changelog entries will take a more conventional - here are the bugs we've fixed approach, but we just thought that you'd like to see what work goes on behind the scenes of a release like this

Earlier Releases

The changelog for earlier (non-Eclipse) versions of Hudson can be found here.

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