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Higgins Team

Current Committers

  • Andrew Hodgkinson, Novell, (ahodgkinson at Novell.com) Andy is responsible for the GTK and Cocoa-based Selector Solution
  • Jeesmon Jacob, Azigo, (jjacob at azigo.com) Jeesmon has been working on the Higgins Selectors
  • Peter Kimlach, (graf at fort-dks.dp.ua) Peter has contributed to the builds
  • Valery Kokhan, Azigo, (vkokhan at azigo.com) Valery is responsible for the I-Card Registry, I-Card Selector Service and I-Card Providers
  • Tie Li, IBM, (litie at cn.ibm.com) Tie Li works on the RCP-based Selector Solution
  • Sergey Lyakhov, Azigo, (slyakhove at azigo.com) Sergey is responsible for the I-Card Provider and the Jena Context Provider
  • Michael McIntosh, IBM, (mikemci at us.ibm.com) Mike is responsible for the Token Service
  • Mary Ruddy, Meristic, (mary at meristic.com) Mary is a Higgins Project co-lead
  • Markus Sabadello, Harvard Law Lab, (markus.sabadello at gmail.com) Markus is responsible for the SAML2 IdP and iPhone components
  • George Stanchev, Serena, (gstanchev at serena.com) George is responsible for the ALF extensions to the STS
  • Jim Sermersheim, (jim_sermersheim at yahoo.com) Jim is responsible for the Identity Attribute Service
  • Paul Trevithick, Azigo, (paul at azigo.com) Paul is a Higgins Project co-lead
  • Brian Walker, Azigo, (bwalker at azigo.com) Brian manages bugzillas and release scheduling, etc.
  • Alexander Yuhimenko, Azigo, (ayuhimenko at azigo.com) Alexander is responsible for the CardSync API and other I-Card Service pieces

Project Co-leads

  • Paul Trevithick, Azigo (paul at azigo.com)
    Paul serves as the Technology lead for the Higgins project and wrote most of the code for the initial project submission into Eclipse in 2004. He is interested in creating software and services that will give people more control over their personal information. Paul, co-founder of Higgins, SocialPhysics.org, IdentityGang.org, and IdentitySchemas.org is currently CTO of Azigo (formerly Parity Communications, Inc.) He is Chairman of the Information Card Foundation, and a steward of Identity Commons. Previously he was president of Bitstream (NASDAQ:BITS) and co-founder of Archetype, Inc. and Lightspeed Computers before that.
  • Mary Ruddy, Meristic (mary at meristic.com)
    Mary serves as the Ecosystem-operations lead for the Higgins project. Through her work in business development and software for CRM, e-commerce and PLM she has come to see the need for open, user-centric systems that enable people to manage their own profile and relationship information; and is assembling the organizations and individuals to bring this vision to reality. Currently Mary is President of Meristic and co-founder of socialphysics.org. Previously she was a VP with Parity Communications. Prior to that, Mary was VP Strategic Marketing at PTC and VP Advanced Products at Pegasystems. Mary has a degree in Mathematics from Smith College and a MSM from MIT.

Past Committers

  • Paula Austel, (formerly pka at us.ibm.com)
  • Dmitry Bakuntsev, (dbakuntsev at intertechnogroup.com)
  • Duane Buss, (dbuss at novell.com)
  • Anthony Bussani, (bus at zurich.ibm.com)
  • Greg Byrd, (gbyrd at ncsu.edu)
  • Andy Dale, (dalea at oclc.org)
  • Tom Doman, (tdoman at novell.com)
  • Thomas Gross, (tgr at zurich.ibm.com)
  • Maxim Kopeyka, (maxim at azigo.com) /li>
  • Scott Lewis, (slewis at composent.com)
  • Peter Nehrer, (pnehrer at freeshell.org)
  • Daniel Sanders,(dsanders at novell.com)
  • Abhi Shelat
  • Sergey Yakovlev