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Higgins Resources

Higgins Community Resources


The Higgins Wiki has a special section with Developer Resources that has developer conventions and guidelines, etc.

Higgins Developer's mailing list

The Higgins developer's mailing list is for developers working on Higgins code to discuss development related issues. If you are "kicking the tires" or using Higgins to develop your own applications, please post questions on the newsgroup rather than the developer's mailing list.

You must subscribe to the higgins-dev mailing list if you want to send email to that list.

Developer's mailing list Archive

Higgins Announcement mailing list

The Higgins announcement mailing list is for people who want to be kept informed about the Higgins project but don't want to be on the high volume, technical, higgins-dev list.

You must subscribe to the higgins-announce mailing list if you want to send email to that list.

Higgins Newsgroup

The Higgins Trust Framework newsgroup is for anything and everything Higgins related.

Bug Reporting

Please report any bugs you find or enhancement suggestions you have using Bugzilla.
You will need to create a new account to access Bugzilla if you don't have one already.

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