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Higgins is a framework that enables users and applications to integrate identity, profile, and relationship information across multiple data sources and protocols. Higgins is organized into three main areas: I-Card Selectors, IdP & RP Identity Web Services and the Identity Attribute Service.

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Identity Web Services

    This area has code to enable both websites to become Information Card "Relying Parties" (RPs). That is, to be service providers that accept information cards. It also includes the code to a WS-Trust-based Identity Provider (IdP) web service that issues information cards and creates claims tokens (credentials) for those cards. In addition there is a SAML IdP that supports the SP-initiated SSO profile and issues SAML 2.0 Assertions.

    For Higgins 1.0, these web service solutions are available:

  • Overview
  • RP-site Enablement
  • WS-Trust IdP
  • SAML2 IdP

Identity Attribute Service

    The Identity Attribute Service (IdAS) is a pluggable framework for the integration and abstraction of identity and relationship data across multiple data sources. IdAS uses the Higgins Context Data Model (CDM), which provides a foundation for integrating, unifying, and sharing identity-related data. IdAS is extended by Context Provider plug-ins that adapt data from external systems, sites, databases and make them available via the IdAS API.
  • IdAS Solution
  • Context Data Model

To demonstrate the power of the Higgins identity framework, the project includes several complete, deployable "solutions". See Solutions page.


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