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Henshin - Installation

Install from update site

Henshin is a plug-in for recent versions of the Eclipse Modeling Tools (last tested version: 2021-03). To obtain the most recent Eclipse version, go to the download page and download the Eclipse Modeling Tools.

To install Henshin, open Eclipse, go to Help -> Install New Software... and insert one of the following update site URLs:

JDK Compatibility From release 1.8.0, Henshin is compatible with JDK versions from 11.0 and higher. The release variant 1.8.0-legacyjdk and previous releases are compatible with JDK 8.0 to JDK 14.0.

Features At a minimum, install the Henshin SDK feature. Version 1.6.0 and 1.8.0 introduced the additional features Henshin Variability SDK and OCL2AG. For all features, a source version is provided.

Instructions for installing legacy versions

If you want to install a legacy version of Henshin (<= 1.4.0) in a newer Eclipse version (>= Eclipse Oxygen), please use the following instructions (thanks to Joel Greenyer for providing these instructions):

  • Install GMF Tooling v3.2.1 via Update site (right click -> copy...)
  • Install M2Eclipse via Update site (right click -> copy...)
  • Install the required Henshin version.


You can also get the latest version of the source code directly from our Git repository (weblink):

Build Jobs

Release and nighly builds are compiled using Hudson jobs:

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