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TCS (Textual Concrete Syntax) is an Eclipse/GMT component that enables the specification of textual concrete syntaxes for Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) by attaching syntactic information to metamodels. With TCS, it is possible to parse (text-to-model) and pretty-print (model-to-text) DSL sentences. Moreover, TCS provides an Eclipse editor, which features: syntax highlighting, an outline, hyperlinks, and hovers for every DSL which syntax is represented in TCS.

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What can you do with TCS?

Generic Editor. Textual Generic Editor (TGE) is a tool that partly builds on TCS services. TGE provides a text editor which is parameterized by information gathered from TCS models. An outline (i.e., tree representation of a program) is generated using TCS text-to-model ability. Hyperlinks and hovers (i.e., automatic display of the target of a link) are provided using text-to-model traceability.

Before TCS & TGE

After TCS & TGE

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