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Open Model CourseWare - News

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  • Adding of new training material and creation of the "Modeling Solutions for Complex Systems" view posted 04‑06‑2009

    11 new presentations have just been added to the set of training material already available from the OMCW project. They concerned different MDE topics which are all concerns when dealing with the problem of providing solutions for modeling complex software systems.

    Moreover, a dedicated view on this new set of training items is now available. Within this view, they are grouped by relevant topics.

    More details are available here:

  • Creation of the OpenModelCourseWare project posted 17‑04‑2007

    Creation of the OpenModelCourseWare project under GMT.

    Open Model CourseWare aims to provide a set of teaching and learning artifacts to the modeling community. The Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) approach suggests using transformational and generative techniques to produce running systems from very abstract models. MDE is still in its infancy and will probably much evolve in the coming years: as a consequence, the approach has yet to be made popular. This is why it is interesting to provide several levels of access to the corresponding courseware. Following the model courseware that was initially contributed to the ECESIS project, the teaching material intended to be made available in Open Model CourseWare will address several different maturity levels and several needs for understanding the advantages, characteristics, and applicability conditions of MDE.

    More details are available here:

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