How to run MOFScript as a standalone Java app?

Check out the example to see how to run MOFScript as a standalone Java app.

  1. You have to include EMF libraries in your Java classpath: emf, emf.common, emf.ecore, and emf.ecore.xmi. In addition, you have to include the appropriate libraries for the model domain you are working with, e.g. for uml: (uml2.common, uml2.uml).
  2. You also have to include antlr-runtime library (antlr-3.1.1-runtime.jar) for parsing transformations
  3. Of course, you also have to include mofscript parser, model, and runtime.

What is the relationship between MOFScript and the OMG M2T standard?

MOFScript was developed as one of the proposals to the standardisation process. It does not comply with the OMG standard, but provides comparable functionality and, in our subjective opinion, better usability.