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MOFScript is a tool for model to text transformation, e.g., to support generation of implementation code or documentation from models. It provides a metamodel-independent language that allows to use any kind of metamodel and its instances for text generation. The MOFScript tool is based on EMF and Ecore as metamodel framework.

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Installing MOFScript

You can install MOFScript from Eclipse using the update manager:

Getting MOFScript Source

You can download mofscript source code using subversion. See the SVN repository. Use a subversion client (e.g. Subversive for Eclipse, TortoiseSVN for Windows, or similar), use repository http// and check out the MOFScript projects.

MOFScript Version 1.4.0

MOFScript v1.4.0 is available for download. It features several usability improvements, a light weight debugger, modifiable output encoding, and more.

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