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Bug-Tracking, Defect-Tracking, Bugzilla, Metrics, XML, HTML, Microsoft Excel, SVG


This complete use case covers both the Model Discovery and Model Understanding phases. It is about discovering bugs information expressed in HTML format and building a Bugzilla model from these data (Model Discovery). Then, this generated model is computed in order to produce a Metrics model and to finally build different visualizations from these calculated metrics (Model Understanding). Note that in order to perform this last step, the Metrics Visualization Builder tool (from the MoDisco infrastructure) is used.

This use case is provided by INRIA AtlanMod and its development has been supported by the IST European MODELPLEX project (MODELing solution for comPLEX software systems, FP6-IP 34081).

The overall approach is summarized in the following figure:

"Bugzilla Metrics" Use Case's Overview

The Model Discovery phase is implemented by applying the XML Discovery general methodology, i.e. the input file is injected into a XML model which is then transformed into a domain-specific model thanks to an ATL model-to-model transformation. The created model conforms to the Bugzilla metamodel.

The Model Understanding phase is also implemented by using ATL model-to-model transformations. A Metrics model, containing the data concerning the computed metrics, is first generated from the Bugzilla model. This Metrics model is then transformed into a Table model that provides a simple tabular representation of the data. After that, different visualization's formats specific models (i.e. HTML, Excel and SVG models) are built from the Table model. These generated models are finally extracted into software readable files.
This visualization's generation process is performed thanks to the Metrics Visualization Builder tool (from the MoDisco infrastructure).

All the metamodels mentioned in the previous schema (and so used within this use case) are available at the Download section.

We provide below a set of screenshots showing the different input/output files provided/created with this use case:

Screenshots of the input/outputs of the Bugzilla Metrics use case

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Note that the Bugzilla models created/used within this ATL use case may also be used in this MoDisco use case (and vice-versa).


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"Bugzilla Metrics" Use Case - Description: General description of the use case, its objectives, its architecture and overall process, the different metamodels and transformations used, etc.
"Bugzilla Metrics" Use Case - Installation & Execution Guide: How to install and execute this use case for building metrics visualizations from Bugzilla data on bugs.


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All the provided metamodels are expressed in the Ecore format and also in the KM3 textual format. Note that the metamodels used within this use case are also included in the project you can download below.
First complete version of the Bugzilla Metrics use case (you must also get the Metrics Visualization Builder tool from the MoDisco infrastructure). Note that all the sources contained in the archive are also available from the MoDisco SVN