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This generic tool is about discovering information from any concrete relational database stored into a DBMS. It is composed of two distinct but complementary discoverers: the retrieved information concerns both the schema (i.e. the structure) and the tuples (i.e. the content) of a database. The objective is to express this information as models that conform to a database's schema metamodel or to a database's content metamodel.

This tool is provided by INRIA AtlanMod and its development has been supported by the IST European MODELPLEX project (MODELing solution for comPLEX software systems, FP6-IP 34081).

The overall approach applied by this tool is summarized in the following figure:

"Relational Database Information" Tool Overview

The tool is composed of two distinct discoverers. They retrieve, by calling the JDBC Java API, the information concerning the database schema and content from a specified database (stored into a DBMS such as MySQL for example) and inject these data into models. These created models respectively conform to the RelationalDBSchema and RelationalDBContent metamodels.

We defined these metamodel, which has been specificaly designed for describing the database information, by studying the SQL language and more particularly the CREATE statement. The two metamodels are available at the Download section.

We provide below two short excerpts of models produced using the tool discoverers. The first one represents the simple Employees table (taken from the BIRT Sample Database), the second one represents a tuple of this table:

Excerpt (representing the Employees table) of a RelationalDBSchema model

Excerpt (representing a tuple of the Employees table) of a RelationalDBContent model

Related Use Cases

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Eclipse/BIRT Project
Sample Database

This complete use case covers a complex "Model Discovery" phase. It is about discovering the information on the content of the "Classic Models" BIRT sample database, by using the database content discovery facility of this model discovery tool, and then generating a specific ClassicModels model.


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Tool Description: General description of the discoverer, its architecture, its possible uses, the RelationalDBSchema and RelationalDBContent metamodels, etc.
Not available
Tool Installation & User Guide: How to install and use the discoverer for building database schema or content models from already existing databases.
Not available


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The provided RelationalDBSchema and RelationalDBContent metamodels are expressed in different formats such as the Ecore one, the KM3 textual one and are also available in the PNG and Visio formats. Due to IP restrictions, the zoos of metamodels are not currently available anymore from
Due to IP restrictions, the prototype is not currently available from

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