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Metrics, Visualizations, HTML, Excel, SVG


This generic tool is about building metrics visualizations in different formats (HTML and Excel for tabular representations, SVG for graphical ones like bar charts and pie charts) from any metrics data stored into models that conform to the provided generic Metrics metamodel.

This tool is provided by INRIA AtlanMod and its development has been supported by the IST European MODELPLEX project (MODELing solution for comPLEX software systems, FP6-IP 34081).

The overall approach applied by this tool is summarized in the following figure:

"Metrics Visualization Builder" Tool Overview

The tool is composed of a set of ATL model-to-model transformations that implement the different steps of the visualization building. The input Metrics model is first transformed into a Table model that provides a simple tabular representation of the data. Different visualization's formats specific models (i.e. HTML, Excel and SVG models) are then built from the Table model. These generated models are finally extracted into software readable files.

We provide below some examples of the visualizations that can be produced using the tool from a given Metrics model.

Examples of different visualizations (representing some metrics on Bugzilla data)

Related Use Cases

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Bugzilla Metrics

This complete use case covers both the "Model Discovery" and "Model Understanding" phases. It is about discovering bugs information expressed in HTML format, building a Bugzilla model from these data, computing it in order to produce a Metrics model and finally building some visualizations of the generated metrics.


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Tool Description: General description of the tool, its architecture, its possible uses, the provided metamodels, etc.
Not yet available
Tool Installation & User Guide: How to install and use the tool for building metrics visualizations from already computed Metrics models.
See the README.TXT file in the root of the tool's ATL project, cf. "Download" section


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All the provided metamodels are expressed in two different formats: the Ecore one and the KM3 textual one. Due to IP restrictions, the zoos of metamodels are not currently available anymore from However, the metamodels used within this use case are included into the plugin project you can download below.
Complete version of the Metrics Visualization Builder ATL project (with all the required resources including a sample Metrics model and the metamodels). All the sources contained in the archive are also available from the MoDisco SVN