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MoDisco provides a set of generic tools which may be part of a metamodel-driven reverse-engineering (MDRE) framework or may be used in various MDRE processes (for instance in MoDisco use cases). Most of these components are elaborated tools that allow performing different kinds of complex operation on models.

A least a general description and first implementation is available for most of the presented tools, as well as some more precise documentations for many of them.

The progress status of each tool is indicated by the icons below:

Specification Partially Implemented Reaching Completion

List of tools

  • Generic Model Editor

    This generic tool is about providing a parametrizable feature-rich Ecore model editor which can be used to browse and edit any Ecore model more easily than with the default sample Ecore editor. This is particularly useful when dealing with models discovered from large legacy systems.
  • Knowledge Discovery Metamodel Implementation

    This provides an EMF implementation of the Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (KDM) specification which defines a metamodel for representing information related to existing software assets and their operational environments. It can be intensively used for representing models discovered from large legacy systems.
  • KDM Source Discovery Tool

    This generic tool is about discovering a model out of an application files hierarchy, which conforms to the sub-package Source of KDM metamodel. The Source package defines a set of metamodel elements whose purpose is to represent the physical artifacts of the existing system, such as source files, images, configuration files, resource descriptions, etc.
  • Metrics Visualization Builder

    This generic tool is about building metrics visualizations in different formats (HTML and Excel for tabular representations, SVG for graphical ones like bar charts and pie charts) from any metrics data stored into models that conform to the provided generic Metrics metamodel.
  • KDM-to-UML2 Converter

    This tool is about converting KDM models into UML2 models in order to allow integrating KDM-compliant tools (i.e. discoverers) with UML2-compliant tools (e.g. modelers, model transformation tools, code generators, etc). The converter is implemented by an ATL model-to-model transformation taking as input a model conforming to the KDM metamodel and producing as output a model conforming to the UML2 metamodel.
  • Discoverers manager

    This tool is about managing discoverers in order to provides generic features. It defines a standard contract for discoverers : a discoverer interface and a dedicated extension point. Through that, it provides a set of common tools:
    • a registry of all discoverers available in eclipse platform
    • a contextual menu to use discoverers available on a single selected resource
    • a launch configuration to run discoverers and encapsulate them in a workflow
  • MoDisco Workflow

    This tool is about initializing a workflow of discovery tools.