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Download GEMS (version 3.0)

GEMS Downloads

GEMS can either be installed by downloading the binaries and manually installing them to your Eclipse plugins directory or by working directly with the source code from the Eclipse CVS server. GEMS requires:
GEMS RC4 Plugins (4.3 MB): NOTE: In this version of GEMS (RC4), the code has been refactored into the org.eclipse.* namespace. Plugins generated with GEMS RC3 and prior must be regenerated with the new version to function correctly. This archive contains the GEMS 3.0 RC4 plugins only. You still need to download EMF and GEF. Please refer to the installation instructions provided here for installing the GEMS plug-ins into your Eclipse installation. Updated: 06/25/2008

GEMS Manual This document describes how to use GEMS and extend it.

GEMS EMF Intelligence Downloads

GEMS EMF Intelligence does not require the GEMS graphical modeling tool (downloaded above) and can be used on ANY EMF model. GEMS EMF Intelligence can also reason across plain java objects that do not implement any GEMS or EMF interfaces. GEMS EMF Intelligence requires Java 1.5 (or higher) and the Eclipse Modeling Framework 2.3+. The core GEMS EMF Intelligence plugins are now included with GEMS RC4.


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